On the surface of Mars are "human bones" and other items — what is it?


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On the surface of Mars are

Same "bone" on the surface of Mars.

If long and attentively to look at photos of the surface of Mars, you can see a lot of interesting things. Just look at the image that was taken on 14 August 2014 machine "Curiosity". Among the Martian rocks clearly you can see something similar to the bone of the human thigh. Recently, this photo started to publish in foreign Newspapers with articles about that on the red planet long ago, could be life. In fact, photographs of suspicious objects on a distant planet, one can count a dozen people noticed the metal spoon even the silhouette of Bigfoot. Of course, this is all just a fantasy of conspiracy theorists. But could it be that one of these shots does have traces of extraterrestrial civilizations?

Mysterious photos Mars

Potential traces of aliens, if you want, you can find almost any pictures of Mars. One of the first mysterious personnel were sent to Earth in 1976, the spacecraft "Viking 1". The image appears in the Martian region of Cydonia on the territory of which attentive people have found something . The so-called "Face on Mars" from the beginning considered a sign that in the distant past we study lived planet of sentient beings. Entertainment magazines began to appear articles with theories about what that person represents a part of the statue, which could be build by aliens.

"Face on Mars" was discovered in 1976.

This myth has been completely dispelled until 2001, when the device "Mars Global Surveyor" sent a picture of this area in higher resolution. It turned out that poor camera station "Viking-1" is so strongly distorted frame that the play of light and shadow has created an image of a human face. And in fact, the region of Kydonia just consists of many rocks, in which almost nothing interesting. In General, boring.

"Face on Mars" in high resolution

Bigfoot on Mars

But the human imagination never let up. In 2019 Scott Waring (Scott Waring) found any pictures of a sitting snowman. He assured that the alien creatures have a face, eyes and hands. He also insisted that the entire surface of Mars is strewn with different objects and the planet looks like a huge Museum. About this "space detective" and similar dreamers a lot of followers who also find the photos amazing, in their opinion, the items.

Does this look like a silhouette of Bigfoot?

So, the attentive Internet users once found in pictures of Mars hovering in the air a spoon. The unusual picture was sent to earth by the camera "Curiosity" on August 30, 2015. After the discovery of unusual for a distant planet object, fans of the search for extraterrestrial immediately circulated his theory in the Internet. Space Agency NASA, of course, learned about it and the theory about the discovery of traces of extraterrestrial civilizations two sentences:

On Mars there is no spoon. This strange figure was created by the Martian wind.

"Spoon" on Mars

In the same way were dispelled the myth of human bones on Mars, and far in 2014:

Taken by the Mars Rover "Curiosity" the stone really looks like a thigh bone. Members of the research team believe that the stone took this form under the influence of wind, — announced the representatives of the space Agency NASA.

nature Creation

All of this is true, because the stones and rocks can grind winds over millions of years and to take the most unusual forms. If you consider that Mars once , unusual shapes could be created and the currents of the rivers. So, in existence on the red planet the various "sculptures" is nothing special. What can I say, this work of art is even on the planet — just look at the pictures of the so-called "Garden of the gods" in the U.S. state of Colorado. As it turns out, these huge stones were also stacked on top of other alien civilizations? They were created by nature with wind, rain and other phenomena.

"the garden of the gods" was also built by aliens? Hardly

And the tendency of people to see faces, silhouettes and other figures in a very ordinary things, is called pareidolia. Now look in the clouds, Wallpaper or patterned carpet on the floor, and you will surely find them in the shape of fabulous creatures. Some people say that seen in abandoned houses and other vermin — is also just optical illusions.

About this phenomenon in 2019 was mentioned by my colleague Vladimir Kuznetsov, the material about . Yeah, human imagination has no limit — I advise you to read.


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