In Russia may increase the number of mosquitoes. What is the reason?


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In Russia may increase the number of mosquitoes. What is the reason?

mosquitoes are everywhere, except Antarctica.

Malaria is a dangerous infectious disease that is transmitted to humans through the bites of mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles . This disease is accompanied by high fever, enlargement of spleen and liver as well as lower hemoglobin. The largest number of diseases recorded in African countries, but in 2020 the risk of the disease will be exposed and the people of Russia — an outbreak may occur in Sochi. But the fact is that during the past winter the frost killed a lot of fish Gambusia that are especially prized for their active eating larvae of "Anopheles" mosquitoes. Are we waiting for the next epidemic?

malaria control

According to the world health organization, 93% of malaria have on African countries. Few people know about it, but to the XX century, infectious disease had struck the residents of Russia, especially those who lived in humid subtropical regions like Sochi. But in 1923, the Soviet physician Sergei Sokolov began the eradication of malaria by draining the marshes and breeding the above mentioned fish Gambusia. In General, he did everything to prevent malarial mosquitoes to breed.

Gambusia little saviors of mankind.

Since 1954, the breeding of Gambusia engaged in "Ecological and biological center named Sokolov". In the Centre are three pools, of which farmed fish are sent to private ponds resort of Sochi. According to the employee of the biological centre of Marina Skripnik, in 2020, it began to turn much more people wanting to buy gambosi for cultivation in the ponds. Those fish that were already in the possession of the owners of private water bodies, died of the cold in the winter, because I'm used to the warm conditions.

The Center is obviously can not meet the needs of all customers. Not only that, gambosi not enough at all. In addition to this, the resorts quarantined because of what fish are issued in limited quantities. Due to lack of Gambusia in Sochi already noted an increased population of malaria mosquitoes. How this problem will be resolved is still unknown.

the Benefits of fish not only in nutrition

Gambusia is a small fish up to a length of 6 inches, covered with large scales. They mainly live in fresh water, but some specimens are sometimes found in salt waters. They are thermophilic and therefore are unable to survive the cold, which last winter struck even on the Russian resorts. They feed on mosquito larvae, which are very much appreciated. In Sochi and Israel, they even put a monument in gratitude for the help in the fight against malaria.

a Monument to Gambusia in Sochi

The malaria Disease occurs because of contact with blood parasites, which in 1895 was given the title of Plasmodium. That these tiny organisms get into the human blood through mosquito bites, in 1894 guessed Scottish parasitologist Patrick Manson (Manson Patrick). There is scientific evidence that malaria can be transmitted even children in the womb.

Parasites Plasmodium under the microscope

It is believed that the first drug against malaria in 1596 he found a Chinese doctor Li Shizhen. Then about the disease was not yet known, but this man treated the symptoms characteristic of malaria, the wormwood extract. At the present day, the best treatment for malaria is the use of a group of drugs artemisinin. They were discovered in 1972 by a Chinese medic by the name of Tu Yu. The basis of these drugs are components of the wormwood. It is believed that the chemicals contained in this plant that can destroy parasites in the initial stage of treatment. Than neglected malaria, the harder it is to treat. According to statistics, in the beginning of XXI century the incidence of malaria was up to 500 million cases per year. About 3 million cases of infection have ended in death of the patient.

Will the death-eating larvae of the malarial mosquito fish to the epidemic, is still unknown. Anyway, this disease presents a much lower risk than the same coronavirus — she studied for a long time. Today vaccines exist for malaria with 56% efficiency, and at the stage of testing is a drug that is effective by as much as 90%.

In Addition to fish against malaria, you can use other methods. In 2019, I already told you about the modified fungus of the species Metarhizium pingshaensei. They have long been considered a natural killers of mosquitoes, but the researchers were able to make them a real weapon against the dangerous insects. What with what substance they mixed fungi, can be read .


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