How tall was the tallest man in the world?


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How tall was the tallest man in the world?

Robert Wadlow could get a hand to the roof of the single storey house

top man in history is Robert Wadlow from Michigan, USA. He lived in the middle of the last century, and by the age of 9 could take in my hands (!) your father! But after year growth, Wadlow had exceeded 2 meters and weigh close to 100 lbs. And it was not the limit: the tallest man in the world grew continuously until his death. Clothes and shoes Robert had to do just to order because of this size no one ever was. What was its maximum height, and most importantly — what is this anomaly in the development?

The tall man

He was born February 22, 1918, with normal growth and weight — 51 cm and 3.9 kg, respectively. However, doctors became suspicious after six months after the appearance of Robert in the light: he already weighed 13 kg, although the average child his age should weigh two times less. Despite the fact that Wadlow didn't suffer from obesity.

When Wadlow was 7 years old, he was already wearing the clothes, intended for 17-year-old Teens. But 8 years has already reached a growth of 187 cm and weight 90 kg. the Size of his feet has increased to the 37th, had to buy shoes for the boys.

Robert Wadlow at age 7 (right)

For many, this was surprising, because the family of Robert was no different from the rest. His father was of average height (180 cm), my mom was not very high. In addition, he was the fifth child in the family, and before that none of them have not been diagnosed, especially in the development.

At age 18, Wadlow enrolled in law school — he tried to live like everyone else, but because of its features it is not very possible. Its unique physical properties eventually led him to the circus Ringling brothers, where he was called "Eltonsky Giant" — the name of the city where was born Robert. There he was able to earn a substantial amount of money, and then became the official representative of the International Shoe company. During his work he traveled about 800 towns in 41 States. Wadlow is famous in the whole country.

foot Size, Wadlow was 50 centimeters. These shoes just do not let

Those who knew him well, described Robert as a man with a very pleasant character and peaceable disposition. For their good manners, politeness and permanent peace it was even called "good giants". However, a large part of the life of the tallest man in the world was very difficult.

Until then, until he became famous, parents, Wadlow had to pay for expensive clothing and shoes to order. In addition, due to their physiological characteristics Robert is very much eating, every day he needed a huge amount of calories to stay in shape. There were many health problems: unusual physiology of the highly loaded heart and affect the blood circulation and weight and growth was given a strong stress on the limbs.

Robert Wadlow with his family a year before his death. In the photo he was 21 years old

As a result, at age 18, Wadlow took a cane to get around and to the 20 years he could not do without crutches. It so happened that because of the crutch Robert died: crutch heavily rubbed his leg, formed a blister that led to the formation of infection and sepsis. The doctors tried to save him with blood transfusions and with the help of foot surgery, but because of the level of contemporary medicine to do this has failed. Robert Wadlow, the tallest man in history, just died at the age of 22. Its growth to this point amounted to 272 inches, and the weight — nearly 200 kg.

The monument at the grave the tallest man also stands above the rest in Accustom cemetery of the city of Manistee, Michigan.

Grave of Robert Wadlow

Why are some people very high?

The Phenomenon of high growth Robert Wadlow is due to a dysfunction of pituitary gland, causing his body began to produce excessive doses of growth hormone. Linked to this is the growth the tallest man in the world at this moment — Cesena Sultan of Turkey. However, before Wadlow he has failed to grow, his height is 251 cm.

Sultan Kössen is now the tallest man in the world

Modern scientists have also discovered the effects of FOXO3 on the physiological characteristics of humans and animals. This gene has many roles, he contributes to the activation of stem cells, control mechanisms of cell death and changes the efficiency of insulin and insulin-like growth factors. Therefore, the change in the gene FOXO3 may contribute to a hypothetical connection between lifespan, growth, and calorie consumption, sending more or less energy in the growing organism.

Whytall people live shorter lives?

The tallest man in Europe, 2,34-foot former basketball player, actor Neil Fingleton, who played the role in "Game of thrones", "X-Men" and "Avengers" died 3 years ago at the age of 36 years. Wadlow died at age 22. Of the 10 tallest of people, only one lived to be 56 years old. What is the reason?

Among the people have indeed experienced a downward trend in the quality of life along with increased growth. For example, higher women are likely to suffer from cancer in their old age. In a study of civil servants in Whitehall , strokes and cardiovascular diseases followed by death.

Scientists believe that the human body is simply not ready for such loads. Roughly speaking, it is designed for the average height and weight, and any deviation from these indicators in a big way lead to negative consequences — the load on the heart, other organs and limbs. So tall people generally live on less.


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