That should be able a specialist in Data Science?


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That should be able a specialist in Data Science?

the Future of data science

Over the past few years technology has integrated with a number of businesses that have formed a new profession, which became very popular in the market. One of these areas was Data Science: professionals in this area is hot right now, and no wonder, because every day they solve problems to improve business and, as a result, increase its profit. And these handymen are always needed. But what exactly do the specialists in Data Science and what skills should they have?

What is Data Science

It Is necessary to note that under Data Science the companies often refers to different things. For example, in one organization a specialist develops new machine learning algorithms that requires a good knowledge of mathematical methods. As a rule, in this case it is about research companies and research laboratories.

In another place the experts on doing Data Science and advanced data Analytics. It includes business analysis, developing new models, conducting tests, and tested new features on Wednesday. The incumbent is fully responsible for his task — from development to its direct effect on business. In the IT industry this approach is called "full-stack". Sometimes Data Scientist are engaged only in processing data and constructing models, it all depends on the company, its activities and objectives.

Data Scientist’s now very popular in the market.

What skills should Data Scientist

As a rule, specialists in this field have good knowledge in mathematics and even software development. That is, programmers and scientists in the field of mathematics. However, Data Science also important business skills: the specialist must understand business processes, understand customers issues, forming on their basis task and the best way to solve it.

Data Science includes several branches.

Why Analytics is important to understand how the business works, what problems it solves, and how it can help you become more efficient. And then to test their skills on large datasets. Otherwise you can make mistakes: for example, if the employee is fluent in deep learning, this does not mean you have to use this method in any case. Often, the problem is solved easier, and a good Data Scientist can see all of the ways to solve it and choose the best.

Data Science and machine learning

In this work Data Scientist and is inextricably linked with machine learning. It handles volumes of data, find new relationships and patterns, using machine learning algorithms, and build a model. The model essentially represents an algorithm that can be used to solve business problems.

As example, algorithms that use taxi services, which predict the demand. Or Navigator who can build the best route to avoid traffic jams. To do this, you need to process large amounts of data and build models, and this has been Data Scientist. The same applies to search engines, voice assistants and Advisory services — without a data science they simply could not exist.

All social networks exist thanks to Data Science

How to become a specialist Data Science

Many people go to this area with a University education, but despite the fact that it really gives the fundamental knowledge, often divorced from practice. This applies particularly to ligaments IT and business. The best option is to learn Data Science from those who already working in this area and to learn from their experience. Follow trends and participate in real projects, not just to study the theory and students in mathematics. You can get this on special , which is taught by employees of the company EORA, "Yandex.Zen" and other leaders of industry with years of experience.

The course will teach you the basics of programming on Python and data analysis, mathematics and statistics for Data Science, Data Engineering and other disciplines. But most importantly — you will be able to develop those necessary skills that need a good specialist in this field — understand how data science is and how it's changing business for the better (soft skills).

part of the program of the course on Data Science in Skillbox

In addition, all cases developed on the basis of real problems in the practice of Data Science, that is, at the exit you will be your git repository, which you'll be able to show the employer. And this will help professional teachers and special training for machine learning. In the future you will be able to work in any industry — from retail and travel to medicine, and even eSports. According to the experts now needed by all.

You can Learn from scratch — the main thing to have desire to learn and develop. Directionvery promising indeed: no wonder it took 1st place in the ranking of the most popular professions in 2020.

Become an expert in Data Science


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