Four ways to stop global warming


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Four ways to stop global warming

I Think humanity ever really die. Now many people fear that the cause of our destruction , but we should not forget that humans and all living creatures on the planet could finish . For the first time on a gradual increase in temperature of the Earth in 1896, spoke Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius. Judging by the massive melting of glaciers and catastrophic fires, its terrifying predictions about the future of mankind slowly come true. However, we still have a chance of averting global warming, according to scientists, it is enough to perform only four tasks.

According to the publication , mankind must plant more trees and change to electric cars, start to convert carbon dioxide and make the Earth's surface more reflective. In theory, all of these ways to stop the end of the world can be workers. However, some of the options may harm our planet and enhance the increase in air temperature on our planet. But why?

Planting trees

In 2019, the employees of the ETH Zurich on the planet have enough space for planting forest area of 900 million hectares. If we translate this idea into reality, a forest is a large as a continent and will be able to neutralize 205 billion tons produced by mankind carbon dioxide, which contributes to global increased temperatures. But the researchers stressed that along with planting trees, people will have to reduce the amount emitted into the air of greenhouse gases, differently from grown trees of almost no value.

Planting forests is not the salvation from global warming

However, the planting of trees on the contrary may accelerate global warming. According to Finnish scientists from Helsinki University, inside the trees there are bacteria that actively produce nitrous oxide, which is necessary for the growth of vegetation. This gas could be emitted into the earth's atmosphere, and because it contributes to the greenhouse effect 298 times greater than carbon dioxide. So there is a possibility that the cooling of our planet with the planting of trees impossible.

the Transition to electric cars

Also, scientists believe that to reduce the amount of harmful emissions can be massively buying electric cars. In the exhaust gases of vehicles with internal combustion engines contains many dangerous substances like soot, toxic aldehydes and nitric oxide. They all get into the air and not only accelerate the temperature increase of the planet but . But the fact that the transition to electric cars can save us from global warming, too, is debatable.

in the manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles are emitted into the air, many harmful substances

We have already talked about . Yes, transportation with an electric motor do not produce exhaust gases, but the use of such technology still indirectly harm the environment. The fact that the cars run from huge batteries in the lower part of the structure. In the manufacture of batteries in the air is also ejected a huge amount of harmful substances as important components are rare earth metals. Their extraction is currently considered the most polluted among the extractive industries.

Recycling carbon dioxide

The previous ways to stop global warming was to nitpick, but the following two seem very interesting. Carbon dioxide emitted into the air by many plants, although it can be recovered and used for the production of building materials such as limestone. However, at this point ready-to-use technology for collecting carbon dioxide does not exist, so this method of stopping global warming is put aside.

Now would be a good idea to capture carbon dioxide and use it to good use

increasing the reflection of light by Land

As our planet is strongly heated by the rays of the Sun, scientists propose to reflect falling on us the light. In theory, to improve the reflective properties of the Earth by repainting the roofs of houses white. You can also cover road limestone, produced through the above-mentioned processing of carbon dioxide. In addition, scientists propose to plant on our planet more light crops.

Painting roofs white can make cities cooler

This is very interesting, because scientists claim that "osvetli" the world can significantly cool the city. In such circumstances, perhaps people will stop using air conditioners, which also produce large amounts of greenhouse gases.

In General, scientists urged humanity to deal with global warming like it's a world war. Together with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, people are also important to be prepared for new forest fires, and as quickly as possible to extinguish them with military equipment. It is worth noting that some animals andplants are likely to survive global warming — they now can be found in our .

Global warming could destroy the entire planet.


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