Women live longer than men, but is it important in animals?


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Women live longer than men, but is it important in animals?

According to statistics, women are about 6-8 years old live longer than men. It is believed that this is because throughout life men are more expose themselves to physical stress and often acquire bad habits. But who would have thought that the same rule applies in the animal world? After reviewing data about populations of hundreds of species of mammals, scientists found that the males die before females. But what is connected with high mortality among the male animals? Because unlike people, they almost do not carry the severity, do not drink alcohol and do not smoke cigarettes. During observations on the lifestyles of some animals, scientists have suggested that the mortality of males due to their behavior in nature and lack support.

the oldest woman in the world

First, let's talk about people. According to statistics, the life expectancy for women in Russia is on average 78.5 years, while males live about 68.5 years. There is also statistical evidence that 100 years of age is often reached by women, not men. The record life expectancy is currently owned by Jeanne calment, who was born back in 1875 and died in 1997, aged 122 years. It is noteworthy that this lady was not the most healthy lifestyle and quit Smoking only in 117 years of age, but she played tennis, was a fencer and was riding a bike.

Jeanne calment in youth and old age

Scientists to this day can't explain the reason for the longevity of the French. Many agree that to live so long life, she managed thanks to a positive view of the world. Familiar with her people mentioned that she often said phrase:

If you have something I can't help it, don't worry about it.

The oldest man in the world lived in Japan — his name was Jiroemon Kimura. He was born in 1897 and died in 2013, aged 116 years. Their longevity the old man explained that he led an active life and never ate too much food, no matter how delicious it was.

Jiroemon Kimura is the only man in history who lived to be 116 years

The fact that women live longer than men, influenced by several factors. In 2015, to sort out this issue tried my colleague Ilya Hel. In he referred to the reasons for the high mortality of men, such as:

  • too hard work with high physical load on the body and common injuries;
  • Unhealthy lifestyle with a dependence on cigarettes, frequent alcohol consumption and overeating; the

  • high levels of testosterone, which causes men to take more risks.

    Longevity of animals

    In the course of the study animals revealed that the difference in longevity between males and females expressed more than people. According to the biologist Tamas Szekely, among 60% of mammals females live longer than males by approximately 18.6%. While scientists say that the longevity of females is due to their slow aging. A big role in the duration of life is lifestyle males risk their health more than females.

    elephant seals Mirounga leonina often make bloody fight

    As an example, scientists led marine elephants of the form Mirounga leonina. While females of these animals lead a fairly quiet lifestyle, males have a bloody fight. Of course, in the course of such fights, many of them receive injuries that significantly shorten the duration of their lives. Besides, in some cases, the males die in battle at a very early age.

    In the short lives of the predators to blame the testosterone — they often take risky decisions

    Apart from the fact that male animals often participate in dangerous fights, they often do not receive such support and care as females. For example, male lions sometimes live alone or, at best, with one of his brothers. At the same time, female lions tend to stick together and almost never go hunting alone. Which of these groups a greater chance for a long life? Of course, cohesive females.

    Males toolstorage sheep require more energy than females.

    In Addition to these, the males of some species of animals require more energy for life than females. For example, the male sheep toolstorage of Ovis canadensis can weigh 230 pounds, while females weigh on average 91 lbs. During severe winters, males often do not have enough food, which they often weaken and ultimately live much less, than could. And females, because of their lower weight for life requires less food and energy.

    The Scientists intend to identify the causes of long life females and high mortality of males. And while they were doing this, I recommend you to read about the fish species of a blue-crested Talas, whose female is able to quickly change your sex to male. Why and how do they do it? The search for answers to .

Women live longer than men — this applies even in the animal world


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