Why are Americans so fond of their flag?


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Why are Americans so fond of their flag?

In the world there are hundreds of different flags. They are all different, although similar. But the most heated discussion usually takes place is always just around one — the American flag. When I first came to USA, I was surprised that there, this flag is very common: it is seen already at the border control, then see it on your way to the airport, all the way to the hotel, too often occupy the house, which display the American flag. Flagpoles installed near schools and other important institutions or just along the road, like in any other country — billboards. What is this love of Americans to their own flag?

In the US, there is indeed a special cult of the national flag, and the Americans never tried to hide. It seems to be just a flag with 13 stripes and 50 stars, painted in red, white and blue colors, but for the American it means much more. Flag for U.S. residents — primarily the means of combining them. It is hanging in churches, removing thus the boundary between religion and government, hang on the houses of rich and poor people, as if "destroying" social inequalities are on the things and clothes of a minority, thus showing that they are also part of this country. To realize the importance of the flag to Americans, you first need to figure out what he means.

What do the stars on the American flag

Astronaut Alan Shepard sets U.S. flag on the lunar surface. The flag had to attach additional.

Top of the USA flag with stars painted in white and blue colors. the Number of stars on the US flag (50) corresponds to the current number of States in the country — over time it has varied, because some States were separated, while others, joined the others. For Americans, these stars represent the Union, which country was for many years.

13 red and white stripes on the US flag mean the 13 colonies, which began the formation of the new state. They later became the first 13 States of the United country:

  1. Virginia
  2. the
  3. Delaware
  4. the
  5. Georgia
  6. the
  7. Connecticut
  8. the
  9. Massachusetts
  10. the
  11. Maryland
  12. the
  13. new Hampshire
  14. the
  15. new Jersey
  16. the
  17. new York
  18. the
  19. Pennsylvania
  20. the
  21. Rhode island
  22. the
  23. North Carolina
  24. the
  25. South Carolina

Due to the large number of elements of the US flag is often called the "Stars and stripes", "the star-spangled Banner" and "Old glory".

What do the colors on the US flag

Officially there is no interpretation of the meaning of the colors of the US flag. But the Americans could not leave this without explanation, so are given the interpretation of the colors of the flag. So, red means courage, white — the purity of intentions and thoughts, blue — justice.

The red and blue colors of the US flag have official names — "Old glory Red" and "Blue Old glory". It is noteworthy that they are deliberately made darker than the flags of other countries — for comparison, look at how bright the colors are on the flag of Russia.

the Colors on the flag of the United States is noticeably darker

Code flag US

Americans are so sensitive about their flag, which even has enshrined in legislation its use is Code flag US, it is the law 94-344. For example, if the edges of the flag of the USA even slightly worn, it must either restore or destroy. Yes, the burning of the flag in the United States surprisingly calmly, sometimes intentionally do it in protest. For example, during the amendment of the Constitution by the Supreme court of the country in 1989 and 1990. In addition, the flag can not be used on disposable items or use it in advertising. It is also prohibited to use the flag as clothing (but you can put it ON clothes, including shorts or underwear).

USA Flag cannot be used AS clothing, but you can place it ON clothing

Here are some more interesting rules for the use of the flag of the United States:


    The U.S. Flag should never touch the ground the

  • If the flag is hung out at night, he should be lighting
  • The U.S. Flag is not to bow as a sign of respect to another person, including the President the

  • you Cannot drop the flag in the trash if it is inoperable, it must be burned

In the US is not banned just so hang the flag at home or go outside. There is also a list of days when the flag should be posted NECESSARILY, and from dusk till dawn. It is a public holidays — the Day Martin Luther king, birthday of the sixteenth President of the United States Abraham Lincoln (12 February), independence Day (July 4), veterans Day (November 11), and others.

Illustration of 1887, "the Woman in battle: Michigan Bridget carrying the flag"

Why do Americans love their flag?

For every American flag — it is not just a piece of cloth or picture in the Internet. Researchers believe that the flag has become a symbol of victory over politics in the United States. Desire,hot need to find unity in a country where there is no monarch, around which to rally, were present from the time of the American revolution. And strengthened throughout American history. Even after the civil war, Americans paid attention to the flag, to remind everyone that they are one nation, despite the disagreements and difficulties.

For Americans, the flag — one of the main ways to prove their unity.

Thus, in the darkest times and greatest victories the flag was a symbol of the American people. Over Fort McHenry when Francis Scott Key wrote the poem that became the national anthem of the United States (needless to say that almost the entire anthem dedicated to the flag!). On the streets of American cities during the Vietnam war. On the moon in 1969, although the presence of the Americans there . Over the rubble of the world trade center after the attacks of 11 September 2001.

the Flag set on the memorial in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001

And every independence Day, Americans gather in public places with flags — the flags on the shorts for runners, blankets and t-shirts at the eating contest with pies on the North shore of lake Union in Seattle. of Americans love their flag. The issue here is not so much patriotism (although it is not done), but in the need to have a symbol that can unite everyone and be the strongest of all — politics, religion, and public debate. It is aware of the majority of Americans — from those who turn to the flag during the anthem at events to children in schools that give the oath of allegiance to the flag.

Americans are especially indifferent to its flag. But where did this love?


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