Again, the scientists don't know how the Moon appeared


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Again, the scientists don't know how the Moon appeared

Despite the fact that the Moon is closer to Earth than any other of the studied object in the Universe, scientists still have not come to a consensus about how it appeared the satellite of our planet. Once in 1972 in the framework of the program "Apollo" astronauts managed to take soil samples on the moon, a new theory of the formation of this object. It was proved that Earth's satellite was the result of a collision with some large cosmic body and, in fact, the Land itself. However, scientists from Osaka University analyzed data from satellite "Kaguya" and found a significant refutation of this theory.

How was the Moon?

When the "Apollo" in the 70-ies of the last century brought lunar soil samples to Earth, scientists have studied them and came to the conclusion that the moon is severely lacking in carbon stocks and other volatile substances. Thus was born the hypothesis that the Moon is between a large object (Theia) and the Ground, when she was still a fetus.

To get the same moon that we have today, with its size, rotation, and speed at which it moves away from Earth, our best computer models say that it ran into Earth, that something must be the size of Mars. Something more or less would produce a system with much more angular momentum than we are seeing. Shell more also would have thrown too much iron in the Earth's orbit and would produce much more iron-rich moon than we are seeing.

the Most common hypothesis suggests that the Moon — the result of collision of the Earth and theis

However, questioned this theory. After analyzing satellite data, they found on the moon, molecules of carbon dioxide, fluorine, chlorine and sulfur, as well as the flow of carbon ions directly from the surface of a celestial body. Moreover, this drift is not constant — it depends on the area of the moon. Astronomers came to the conclusion that the carbon stocks are contained in the mantle of the Earth satellite, and not just on its surface.

This proves that the carbon on the moon appeared at the very beginning of its formation. And at the same time refutes the theory about the collision of a celestial body with some large cosmic object and the Earth during a collision at extremely high temperatures, the carbon would simply evaporate into space. Scientists came to the conclusion that either the collision was not as strong and destructive as previously thought, or it just was not.

Carbon unevenly distributed on the sides of the moon

the Moon came out of a pair?

Perhaps this is another confirmation of the hypothesis of the astronomer Simon Locke of Harvard University. He suggested that the collision between Earth and another large celestial body really was. As a result, each piece of Land and theis has evaporated (this explains why a number of us from large objects only now Mars), and evaporated breed circled so fast that the cloud had adopted a new structure, with a thick disk encircling the inner region. This disc was not separated from the Central region as separated by the rings of Saturn.

Each region of this cloud was formed by rain drops from molten rock. In the end the Moon , says Locke, before the steam is finally cooled and left behind the system Earth — Moon. A bold assumption, isn't it? However, not too likely. But it is an interesting way to explain the features of our moon, when our models don't seem to work.

the Moon broke away from Earth

Perhaps the Moon — a piece of our Land when she was still a Bud.

Another hypothesis at the time put forward Raluca Rufus, a planetary scientist of the Weizmann Institute in Israel. She believes that the Moon is a fragment of the Earth in its very origin, which were formed by falling asteroids. Shells flew at different angles and at different speeds on the Earth and formed discs that were merged in "the wreckage of the moon", in the end, having made the moon that we know today. In fact, this version is plausible, since the same hypothesis of the giant impact based on assumptions that do not match the evidence. If Theia hit the Earth, and later formed the moon, the Moon must be made of the material theis. But the Moon is not like the Theia — or Mars for that matter. To the atoms . So she can be the "fragment" of our planet.

However, it is unknown whether these were moving debris in a single direction, just as the Moon always looks in the same direction. If so, how did they all merge? It remains to be seen. As long as they can Express their assumptions .

Perhaps, before we explore distant worlds and exoplanets, we should first clearly know exactly how the Moon appeared. Many hypotheses and theories, but yet we cannot say that any one of them is correct. Maybe even so that the Earth and Moon that we have today have gone through a strange metamorphosis and wild orbital dances that have radically changed their rotation and future. How do you know? Examining only the breed of the moon in more detail, and not only the surface but also deeper layers.

looks Like no collision with the Ground was not


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