Scientists conduct research in the field of gene therapy: how will it affect our body?


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Scientists conduct research in the field of gene therapy: how will it affect our body?

Now in the world there is a pronounced cult of the body. It's not so bad, and when you're surrounded by beautiful people — it is always a pleasure. Especially want to reach out to them and that our world becomes a little more beautiful. And it helps to maintain health and to lead a good lifestyle. Except we are talking about the perfect man, who just like physical exercise. But the number of those who prefer a result, much higher. In the end, on his way to a perfect athletic body, which default inherent in each of us, they encounter the first problems, and immediately retreat. Blame them not, but to help them you can. It seems scientists have made another step on this way is gene therapy.

What is follistatin

That is so it was possible, from Medical school at Washington University in St. Louis. Their study showed that it is possible to not only work with the genes to obtain streamlined species, but also to work, if I may say so, of a medical nature. During their research, they experimented on mice and fed them a diet high in fat.

The Aim of this experiment was figuring out how to prevent obesity and build muscle at their little experiments.

Throughout the study the emphasis was made on studying protein follistatin. It is produced in almost all tissues of living organisms. It was first discovered and gave him the description back in the late 80-ies of the last century. At first it was believed that it acts as a reproductive hormone, but it later emerged that his main task is to influence several cellular processes, including recovery and muscle growth.

Thanks to these kids we have accumulated a lot of knowledge in medicine.

the Hormone responsible for muscle recovery

Previously, studies of this hormone. However, then they are more related to the possibility of its effect on degenerative diseases of the muscles and the study of methods of therapy. This time the objective was to determine whether follistatin to help in the treatment of osteoarthritis by improving metabolism, reduced obesity and increased muscle mass.

The Most common risk factor for osteoarthritis is obesity, – Farshid explains Gilak, author of the new study. — Excess weight prevents a person lead an active lifestyle and exercise. Because of this, it cannot make full use of physical therapy.

For the experiment we selected only the young mouse. For some time they were treated with gene therapy, the aim of which was to strengthen the production of follistatin.

In the end, scientists were able to achieve results. The farshid Gilak described them as "deep".
In mice, there has been an improvement in health status, softened degeneration of the cartilage, reduced the level of inflammation and has been remodeling the bone.

We found a way to use gene therapy, which will allow you to quickly build muscle. – says Gilak. the Therapy has had a profound influence on the mice and helped to control their weight. It can be assumed that this approach will be effective against arthritis, especially in cases of morbid obesity.

the Use of gene therapy to treat people

It May seem that this is the first case where the use of follistatin been proposed for the treatment of a person, but it's not. Already, research is underway that should help to use it in the treatment of cancer. However, the effectiveness of this method is not yet proven and to talk about its application for effective treatment of cancer while early. However, potential harm in the first phase of studies in humans have not been identified.

People who are overweight are unable to exercise. The new method will be very useful.

Farshid Gilak understands how the new method is far from being able to apply it to clinical treatment of humans. But this discovery really gives me hope that through gene therapy can treat many diseases. And also help to lead to a state of your body, if it is unable to independently engage in physical activity.

The Implementation of the plan could take years, but we are optimistic about the prospects for reducing the damage to joints associated with osteoarthritis. In some cases, the new method can be used for the treatment of obesity. – Farshid concludes Gilak.

is it Possible to use gene therapy in cosmetology

We have already discussed in the correctness of the application of gene therapy not only to treat diseases, but also for cosmetic procedures. That is, in order of influence, which is not required from a medical point of view. Opinions were divided roughly in half. But just to say one thing. If it does not lead to mutations or damage to the human genome, then why not. Only we have to act very carefully. In the end the genes have been around for millions of years, and we study them less for hundreds of years. As we would not seem that we know a lot and all deciphered, we must speed up the process of interference in this mechanism.

In the future you can get sportsthe body without the grueling trenirovka.


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