Does that make family life happier?


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Does that make family life happier?

Family life makes people happy, but there is one but…

For many people, family is the most important goal in life. Based on this fact, we can assume that the better does the personal life of such people, the happier they feel. On the relationship between romantic relationships and physical and emotional condition of people in the history of mankind there has been a huge amount of research. However, in most of them, scientists did not pay attention to such factors as the presence of people divorces and other problems in his personal life. Scientists from the American state of Michigan has decided to consider and examine the relationship between quality of personal life and emotional state in more detail. It turned out that family life really makes people happier, but there are some nuances.

Happiness in your personal life

The scientific Results were published in scientific publication . In the study, researchers examined data on 7532 people gathered in the period from 1968 to 2010. The database is beginning to gather when volunteers were 18 years old, and the collection was stopped when reaching 60 years of age. In the framework of the project, the researchers every few years learned from the volunteers about their marital status. Thus, at the disposal of researchers were data about what people over the entire period of the scientific work have found a family, divorced or alone. At the end of the study, volunteers were asked to assess their happiness on a scale from 1 to 5 points.

it is believed that a happy family should look like.

The Participants were divided into three groups, depending on changes in their family situation during adulthood.

  • people with a long and happy relationship, there were 79%;
  • the
  • widows and people who were divorced or had families several times, it was revealed 13%;
  • the
  • singles among all volunteers were found about 8%.

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the happiest people

People who spent their life with one partner, the most happy one. At the end of the study they rated their level of happiness by 3.8 points. However, they were happier than people from the other two groups. Singles said they were happy at 3.6 points. People who several times changed their marital status, rated their level of happiness on 3.5 points. It turns out that for the sake of your happiness, people still need to try to create a strong family. Another conclusion — it is better to be alone than jump from one bad relationship to another.

With some of the results of the study, of course, you can bet

According to the researchers, divorced and single people can feel less happy because of social isolation. After all, all people need love and care. This is evidenced by even the research of paleontologists. I remember a couple of years ago I was told that our ancestors went through very hard times . About the same thing recently told me and my colleague Love Sokovikova — research has shown that family care for us .

Like it or not, care is important both in society and in the world of animals

Based on the results of the study it turns out that family life is good, and even periodic loneliness is bad. Most likely, this is true, but the research warned that at some points, they could be wrong. Firm conclusions until they do, because the feeling of happiness can be affected by other factors. The most obvious of them is the nature of every human being. It just so happened that some people look at life with optimism despite his marital status. And the other part is people sometimes do not appreciate the relationship that they have, and looking for happiness in something else.

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After all, happiness can not only surrounding himself with loved ones. Recently, researchers from the University of Miami announced that to raise the quality of life to a new level, you can regularly experiencing a new experience. So if you have apathy and life seems gray and monotonous, go walking around the city and look at places where never been. Listen to new music and watch movies, about which you previously not thought. About how new experiences make us happier to read . Happy reading and be happy!


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