In the oldest regions of the galaxy discovered young stars


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In the oldest regions of the galaxy discovered young stars

a Mysterious structure in gas and young stars stunningly beautiful, isn't it?

Our galaxy is surrounded by halo of old stars and hot gas, which can cool down to a condition necessary for the formation of new stars. Nevertheless, in the belt of Orion, the researchers found a cluster of relatively new stars — mysterious, massive structure, which was hidden in the scroll sleeve . The star cluster of at least 120 million years, and it is located at a distance of about 94 000 light-years from our planet. The structure was discovered through the analysis of data obtained by the spacecraft Gaia is the European space Agency. was during a press conference Astronomical astronomical society January 8, 2020.

What is the wave again?

According to lead study author joão Alves, the Sun is only 500 light years from the discovered structure. In the past, no one could not assume that in the plane of the milky Way is a wave-like gas flow, which combines both the field of star formation into a coherent whole. In addition, in the structure, which was called “wave of Radcliffe” and which extends a distance 9 thousand light years, contain at least 800 billion stars, and a large number of dense, zvezdoobrazovaniya gas — so-called “star cradle”. The researchers also report that this discovery completely changes the understanding of our galactic home, as the structure of the whole time was right in front of us — over millions of years — but now we were clearly able to see her.

Spacecraft launched by the European space Agency in 2013, measured the distance of nearly 1 billion stars in our galaxy and, according to scientists, is a valuable, enormous database to detect large-scale structures, such as the wave again. Collected machine data on the number of young stars, grouped together and moving in the same direction, has allowed scientists from Harvard University to create a three-dimensional map of interstellar matter of our galaxy and discover this massive structure. However, its undulating form, and the causes of education, remain for astronomers a mystery.

spacecraft Gaia in the background of the milky Way

Astronomers believe that the structure wasn't formed somewhere else, but how exactly it is formed where there is very little cold gas, which is needed for the formation of a new generation of stars is unknown. Perhaps the answer to this question lies in the Magellanic Clouds — the two galactic neighbors of the milky Way. The accumulation seems to accelerating in front , who escaped from these galaxies due to the gravitational attraction of the milky Way. This allows the experts to suggest that new stars are born through the torn remnants of these neighboring galaxies of gas.

Anyway, this is an amazing discovery proves how little we know not only about , but also about our galactic home. Look at familiar things from a new angle, as we know, helps to expand the boundaries of a seemingly familiar world. Most likely, in the future we still have much to learn about the wave of Radcliffe and its causes. The text of the survey can be found on the pages of a scientific journal .


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