Why isn't it good that everybody goes into online


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Why isn't it good that everybody goes into online

Now everything is becoming online. This is for anybody not a secret, and much of what previously could only be done by coming to some place, now . To manage your Bank account, request statements, pay utility bills, buy food, get advice and much more has become much easier. Now, following this, came to us and other benefits of the digital world, but whether it is good, as it may seem at first glance. Let's look at what I say and understand how this is good in the short and long term.

Each of us though time, but have used maps from Google or . Not just watched, where is the specific building, but also studied the panorama of the streets. It is really convenient, because beforehand after examining the area, can be much easier to navigate, where to go, when he will be on the site.

Now on this principle are based some entertainment. For example, Google has a service that allows you to visit museums, to see what is inside, and to do this from home totally free. But is it good?

free How to visit the Museum

Indeed, the Museum is free if just to see its panorama from the inside. There are also additional advantages in addition to lack of payment. For example, you can get a closer look at what the museums are often located outside the zone of public access. For example, when the Suite wall inner part and must not be approached in order to consider the pattern or the pattern of the tapestry on the wall.

For a real Museum should have to watch in online only to support the server.

This way of sightseeing will be useful to people who want to get acquainted with the exposition, but are unable to do so. The reasons can be many, for example , the lack of money or simply lack of free time. In such cases, when there is simply no alternative, even the possibility of virtual sightseeing will be very enjoyable.

Some attractions are quite expensive and, for example, a visit to Peterhof in Saint-Petersburg is 900 rubles, and not everyone will want to pay so much “for visiting the Park”, even beautiful. And if you take a ticket for a family, the price rises accordingly several times.

Even if you have visited a Museum, you loved it and you did not regret the money spent after a period of exposure may change slightly, but not enough to go to another city. It is enough to see changes in the virtual tour.

Virtual Museum in China

The popularity of virtual tours of the museums are now gaining in China. I will remind that now in this country entered quarantine mode, and many Chinese are just sitting at home. You can play computer games, watch movies, read books and so forth, but many people want something different. There are even statistics, prepared by the company Gamma Data Corp. According to the income from the sale of the ten most popular games for iPhone has increased over the time of forced isolation in an average of forty percent. Some games even doubled the sales.

According to the company Gamma Data Corp., the sales revenue of the 10 most popular iPhone games has increased by an average of 40 percent over the past two weeks. The growing popularity of the games of the Top 60 in some cases reached 100 per cent, writes "Jonsonian".

For those museums which have not yet prepared virtual tours, is actively preparing for such a service. For example, museums of Liaoning province, including the Imperial Palace Museum.

In these tours the visitors can not just virtual walk through the Museum, but also to listen to the comments of the audio guide, while the exhibits, specially prepared for this place. Given that the majority of tours to museums is now produced in this format, it does not lead to additional costs. Simply download the audio guide on the server and you're done.

the Contents of this box, you can just upload to the server with the photos and the tour is almost ready. Second time to invite the speaker is not necessary.

For these museums even prepared some special exhibits. For example, some particularly valuable items in storage can be placed in the halls for shooting. After that they again will be removed and will be available only on the screen.

These museums can be free, if for the preparation of virtual tours or a government programme to raise the cultural level of the population. However, pay should be not only creating the system but also to block the loss from the reduction in the number of offline visitors.

If no one wants to pay for such work, the museums may charge a fee from visitors. The price should be lower, as the costs will be lower.

As you can see, from this method it is possible to make only some advantages, among which entertainment in a time when entire cities are unable to leave the house. But this is not true and minuses will also be sufficient.

What's wrong with virtual museums

The main disadvantage of virtual museums is that everybody is fake. That is, you will not be able to see the details of the work and to feel the presence of that which was drawn 500 years ago, forged 1500 years ago, or buried in the ground 10,000 years ago. Such feelings are an important time of the visithistorical museums.

In museums of contemporary art are very important, as the exhibits are placed in space relative to each other. This can be seen in his peripheral vision, but did not notice on the screen. In addition, many museums have exhibits that should cause a tactile response. For example, something you can touch, smell, or hear.

In some museums, you can touch the exhibits and even participate in various entertainment activities. This is especially interesting for children.

The Museum Lennusadam in Tallinn is a hangar for seaplanes, where a lot of equipment and even a real submarine that you can go and walk through the compartments. It is also possible to photograph and prepare a virtual tour, but feelings are not those that will get to really being inside of this “vessel”.

If you enjoy painting and are good at applying brush strokes or types of paint, visit art galleries to turn you just in the image viewer and you will not be able to see the equipment the wizard and how he worked on his work.

In the end, we get the result, but it will be a little synthetic. Even if you use , still the effect is not the same. Information we receive, but don't get the feeling. This is a look at a picture of nature, but not to smell the wild flowers, listen to music with headphones, not to go to a concert, or watch football on TV and not go to the stadium. Yes, at some points you will receive even more information but you will not plunge into this atmosphere.

But another disadvantage will be that in the future this will reduce the popularity of travel as such. We have ceased to do much, replacing it by the computer. For example, going to the cinema, replacing it with streaming services, to meet people, preferring instant messengers, or “chase the ball”, preferring it to FIFA on the PlayStation. It is easier and more convenient, but not the same feeling, as they say.

would You like this life?

Not so long ago at our office, we joked on a visit to the mausoleum of VR glasses. Themes, to which we have come, even as it is inconvenient to print. The fact is that virtual tours can bring to the absurd and fantasize that certainly was not intended by the creators of the technology.

How to make virtual tours

Actually, creating a virtual tour is a little different from the preparation of the panorama of the streets of major map services. First and foremost, it is necessary to prepare the premises. As you would not want to look at the exhibits through the people who also fall into the frame, it is necessary to choose the time for shooting. Perfect morning before opening, when the Windows will be light, but the halls will be empty.

The Shooting is done as a panoramic camera, and the usual. The first need for orientation in the room, so you can look around, and the second in order to see the details. For example, a picture or other artifact.

panoramic picture Taken is almost ready for placement in the virtual tour.

Actually it almost all. The task of the first stage is to much detail to capture everything in the room. Then, you will only understand how to present it and using special software to assemble into a finished round. Panoramas arranged in the correct sequence, as separate pictures embedded in them. On top of this is superimposed by the accompanying texts and record the audio guide.

Technically, the process doesn't look difficult if you have a finished site, which is at the major studios. More difficulties happen by design and administrative work.

is There a future for virtual reality

Many believe that virtual reality has no future. Rumor has it that the present the future — it's augmented reality. This is difficult to accept due to the fact that with all the advantages of AR, it is only “drawing”. To reproduce the world, which does not really exist or its just not there, as in the case of virtual museums, VR can only.

That's why . If we talk about the same museums, AR will be relevant for physical visit for more information and VR — with a remote. Although, I still believe that these places have to visit your feet. Anyway, the virtual world is convenient and its benefits should be used, but the real world should not be forgotten.

It May sound very old fashioned and not modern for the author of one of the largest sites about high technology, but I believe that a connection with reality to lose and high technology should complement real life, not replace it, reducing the activity only to meet physical needs. Someday we'll all load in a conditional matrix, but for now we must enjoy what we have around us. Of course, if possible. If not for the overall development you can benefit from virtual tours.

What are the museums you can visit online

If you want to visit the virtual Museum, their list can be easily naguglit on request «museums online». For example, for a visit.

Here is a list of some of the most interesting options:

a Lot of sitting behind a computer bad. Sometimes it is necessary to leave the house.


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