The German car industry is getting closer to repeating the success of Tesla


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The German car industry is getting closer to repeating the success of Tesla

Such a Porsche we need.

Germany is considered one of the best car manufacturers in the world. No wonder what brand not to name, each has a history and even legend. Mercedes, Audi, BMW... Even Volkswagen and Opel has done a lot to the automotive world. It is possible to remember and other brands, which are now gone, but the story they went — is Horch and the Trabant. And there's the Porsche that stands alone not only among ordinary motorists, but also in Motorsport, with not a single African and a resounding victory in various competitions, including the Dakar. In General, the Germans would not be Germans if I did not offer advanced solutions, which are sometimes contrary to their true historical devotion honed internal combustion engines.

Taycan Porsche and Tesla

Specifically, this time we will talk about the Porsche, which did not stop at a single model, electric sports car, and decided to develop this direction, releasing other models.

Let me Remind you, and immediately attracted the interest of his presentation, which was a lot of people (if these events even took place), and led him mark Webber, which not only was a very successful pilot in Formula 1, but in favor of the Porsche team in endurance racing.

This man led the presentation of the Porsche Taycan.

The Machine is not just interest, but inevitably was associated with Tesla. Everyone would like to know whether it will be better, but it turned out that no, Taycan and lost not only autonomy, but that it was demonstrated on the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife.

Not to take away from Porsche Taycan was only one thing — he was a genuine German gloss. And yet, despite the huge amount of electronics and the fact that the car runs entirely on electricity, she did not gadget on wheels, first and foremost, it was made with a view to driving pleasure.

They are different, but not to compare them was impossible.

New electric Porsche 928

At the moment the company is preparing to release another model of electric car. It was logical to assume that the company will not stop there. Despite the fact that she already had technology to develop electric vehicles, including motorsports, she still had to gather enough information to create a car for the ordinary buyer.

Looks a bit unusual for a Porsche.

The company has decided to release a version of the Porsche 928, which has a very futuristic look and electric traction. It has fashionable now, thanks to revived the style of the Mercedes, the doors to the spirit of ”gull-wing”. In addition, for an overview of what is happening behind did not meet the classical mirror and the side of the camera, which not only often provide better picture, but also greatly improve the aerodynamics. All the same classic ”mugs” bring the drag coefficient to something average between trams and brick.

Mirror such car not needed. Instead of the camera.

Besides all this, the novelty will receive a wheel with a Central nut, as in sports cars, and developed a diffuser in the rear. The presence of such aerodynamic design is clear, but the lack of in this case, the exhaust pipe is somewhat unusual.

Those doors slightly inclined forward, but also effectively.

The Cost of this car will be very close to the mark of 200 000 euros, which is not enough especially against Tesla, which barely exceeds $ 100,000. But we hope that the difference will be worth it, and we get that you don't even give it back if you buy it (it will be for you to deliver on the specified route), and a full electric sports car for every day. On the German autobahn it will be a scream!

to Go this car will be fast.

The twin-engine car can be quite heavy with a weight of 2 and 295 pounds, but 761 HP and torque lead to impressive driving characteristics. From zero to 60 mph (97 km h) requires 2.6 seconds and a top speed estimated at 162 mph (260 km/h) thanks to a two-speed transmission with the second gear with a large gear ratio.

History of the appearance of the Porsche 928

Initially create a new Porsche 928 was supposed to mark the transition to a new path of development of the company. At that time the leadership of the group had planned to replace the famous Porsche 911 (as it was called in Germany ”Neunelfer”) on the GT coupe. But Peter Schutez not allowed to do so.

What is the difference?

Interestingly, the man who became President and chief Executive officer, joining the company wasn't even sitting inside the 911, but knew that to refuse it is impossible. In the first place, it is impossible to do because of the high cost of the planned 928 and layout with a front engine V8. This approach is not exactlywould appreciate fans of the brand.

911 first is considered to be a legendary model. Well, in the time he did not refuse.

First of all, due to the fact that took a great niche, starting to produce cars like Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Panamera. They gained wide popularity in the mass segment and has enabled companies to improve their business in almost all markets. Not once was and to shake up the lineup, but at the same time to encourage models such as the Boxter and Cayman.

The Release of three-door Porsche Panamera also makes sense, as the market for large coupe, the company has many competitors. These include BMW 8 series, Mercedes-Benz with its S-Class Coupe and Cabriolet and other models. The same is logical, and the release of the ultra-modern Porsche 928.

The company Now plans to stand on the rails of electric vehicles. It is unlikely that the company will be , but the desire to come up with your vehicle, which will not compare with Tesla, she definitely is.


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