Peers.TV application packages TV, movies and series for every taste


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Peers.TV application packages TV, movies and series for every taste

Peers.TV — not just service with TV channels

Over the last few years a number of different services for watching television, movies and TV shows grew so much that, it seems that almost no one connects traditional antenna with cable channels. Advanced users prefer Apple TV or set-top box for Android TV, but the problem is that all this is not a mobile solution. You only go somewhere from home, this console is that dust will collect. The benefit to the App Store and Google Play there are convenient solutions for access to multimedia content from mobile devices, not only television, but also the latest trends in cinema and TV series.

Of Course, everyone chooses for himself he liked the service we have here in the wording of many authors even with 2015 I use on iOS and Android. Why? First, there you can watch many TV channels absolutely free. Secondly, you can put the air on pause anytime, when you want. Or during the live broadcast go to the beginning, if you miss something important. In addition to see what gear your favourite channel, if not in time for the beginning of the program.

you Can watch not only TV channels but also popular movies and TV series

What else stands out this service among others, so it's flexible settings due to the presence of various packages of channels on subscription. They can be used to access additional channels, and not paying for 200 channels who will not care and the money in fact go to the void, and choose the specific. For example, in package "Family" includes channels "Travel+Adventure", Eurokino, "Cinema 24" and the other for adults and kids channels like "Nickelodeon" and "Mammoth". You 7 days to watch absolutely free, and there are already or renew your subscription, if you like, or cancel it.

Pack «Family» includes top pay TV channels in one subscription

In the package "#Luchadora" there are other interesting channels like "National Geographic HD", FOX HD and others that cable operators typically cost a lot of money. Plus this includes two adult channels that can be issued as a separate package. Package "#Luchadora" is already more expensive, but you can watch 14 days for free. Two weeks!

there are channels for kids and adults

If the entertainment channels are not interested, you can get the package of "Movie subscription" (which includes 8 500 films and TV series, 4000 movies in HD) or "Cinema TV". The latter includes channels showing the best of European cinema, the movies and HBO, as well as Russian films and Soviet classics. The default is 7 days for free, but the developers have kindly given us promo code HINEWS, with which time free trial increased to 30 days. Activate the app and watch for free!

Activate promo code HINEWS and see a month free

Due to the presence of a large number of different subscription packs, everyone can choose for yourself what you need. So, families with young children can include the package "Child", and to view the whole family — "Family". It is much easier and more convenient than to connect a large package of channels that most actually do not need. Full list of channel packages .

All the hits of HBO and Amedia in one place

Mode «picture in Picture» allows you to view the program, not looking up from the display

Of Course, not going anywhere, and free channels, which in Peers.TV too much. To watch TV you can not only online but also in the recording of the transmission are carefully preserved in the archive, where they can always be seen. Chose the channel, opened the program, found any transfer — and you can watch! But the main advantage — mobility. You can see on the road, at a party, at work, everywhere. Afraid to miss the Champions League final or a new episode of a favorite show is no longer relevant thanks to the archive of transfers.

In General, the application Peers.TV – this is the service that would be required for all who have no time but have the desire to watch movies, TV and series. With it, you will always be able to watch all missed for one reason or another. The only condition for using the application availability of a stable Internet access. Download to your device at the link below.

Download Peers.TV


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