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A Former engineer Hyperloop One, resigned from the company last summer, did not sit idly by, and instead founded his own company «Arrival» in which, too, will engage in the construction of hypersonic transport system similar to the one on which he worked at his previous place of employment.

The Founder and head of the «Arrival» Brogan Bamberger reported that all the budgets already drawn up, costs calculated, and investors are willing to Finance the project, so it is small — to find and attract potential customers, primarily interested in the rapid transportation. To carry people you need to be very carefully considered, but even in this case, immediately start passenger transportation quite risky, but transporting goods is possible without any risks all to test and prove that the new transport system works without failures — then it will attract even more people.

Before Bamberger worked at SpaceX, then moved to the Hyperloop One, where retired in 2016 after the scandal and disputes with the management of the company, to which later together with colleagues sued, accusing the head of Hyperloop One in violation of labor laws. The conflict slowly hushed, and then Brogan decided to start our own company.


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