How breast implant saved woman's life


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How breast implant saved woman's life

There are different ways to treat breast augmentation. Some believe this is a common occurrence, and someone is strongly against artificial intervention in our body, for the sake of cosmetic changes. I believe that it is everyone's business. Everyone is free to choose what to do with your body. But sometimes there are quite funny situations that cannot be interpreted as an argument in one direction or another. However breast implant women from Canada saved her life, changing the trajectory of the bullet that hit him in the chest at close range. Last week a study was published in medical .

The Story takes place in 2018 in Toronto, Canada. Generally, these are stories of the history of breast implants is not so much described in the medical literature, but this case was the first.

What silicone implants are

There are two types of breast implants. They both have a silicone outer shell, but one filled with saline and the other silicone gel. They can vary in size, shell thickness, texture and shape of the shell surface and, as a rule, are implanted to increase breast size or restore breast tissue, for example, after mastectomy or other damage.

The story Itself is a bit mysterious about the details of getting a gunshot wound was not reported. We only know that the shot was fired from close range. The woman turned to their own emergency Department and to the surprise of the doctors looked very nice for someone who just got shot in the chest, — said to have accepted the surgeon Giancarlo Mcevenue.

The Entrance gunshot wound was on the left side of the chest, but the broken rib was right side. The first bullet entered the skin on the left side, then bounced through the sternum into the right chest and broke her ribs on the right side. The implant caused a change in trajectory of a bullet

said the doctor

x-ray survivors women from a gunshot wound.

In the end, the woman suffered an injury implants and a broken rib. Other damage in the study have been identified. As we know, the left side is the heart and lungs. If the bullet changed trajectory — to save the woman likely would not have succeeded.

Approximate trajectory of the bullet in silicone implant

Doctors discovered a solid, similar to the bullet object in the right lower anterior chest wall below the right breast. X-ray determined that it was a bullet, and saw a broken rib and air bubbles in the left breast, and then came to the conclusion that the bullet passed from left chest to right chest wall.

After all the diagnostic procedures doctors washed and treated for her wounds, removed the implants and was prescribed a short course of antibiotics. Agree, for a gunshot wound from close range it is possible to tell that got off light.

Amazing stories like this happens a lot, but you can find them on our

P. S. Will the patient to set themselves silicone implants are again not specified. But something tells me that if there is no medical contra-indications, after these events they will be back. However, such operations are not always safe, which is not so long ago Ramis Ganiev.

looks like a silicone implant.


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