The glaciers of Norway discovered things the Vikings of the ninth century


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The glaciers of Norway discovered things the Vikings of the ninth century

What do you know about the Vikings? the Vikings is the sailors of the early middle Ages, who lived in the VIII—XI centuries. It was mainly the tribes living on the territory of modern Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Outside their native countries pushed their overpopulation and starvation. Causes of expansion as the search for new lands for resettlement, and looting, piracy and large military campaigns, which is closely intertwined with piracy and robbery. They have built a whole settlement, engaged in trade, and only occasionally used psychotropic drugs – only before the battle. Belligerent mariners large family groups. fathers and grandparents lived together. When the eldest son took over the farm, he simultaneously became head of the family and responsible for its welfare. For the first time, lost highway, filled with artifacts, Viking sleigh, shoes, canes, sweater 1700-year-old and a bunch of petrified horse manure, was found in 2011. Now, however, the researchers were able to discover a lot more. They published new research that describes hundreds of items, which have since been found along the mountain pass: gloves, shoes, parts sleds, as well as bones of pack horses.

Melting glaciers

High in the mountains Jotunheim in Norway at an altitude of about 1800 meters melting of land ice. For millennia, this place remained frozen, but every year a new layer. It's called ice slick Landrin. But in the last two decades, the ice melted slowly as the climate became increasingly hot. Ice is melting worldwide. However, as icy spot Londrina retreats, it opens up a veritable treasure trove of artifacts, some of which were buried under ice thousands of years.

After Studying the findings of archaeologists confirmed that about a thousand years ago this region was loaded mountain pass: horseshoes and other travel accessories to indicate that here lay the route of the Vikings. It was the busiest pass the era, the authors of the study, which is published . Overall, the pass draws the picture of a well trodden road that skirts the mountain range, connecting travelers with shopping malls in the higher points and pastures. The highway passes through the ice section of Landrin in the mountains, about 320 kilometers North of Oslo.

Research group on the highway of the Vikings

the Road, lost in the ice

Using radiocarbon analysis, researchers tie the origin of the highway to approximately the year 300. At the time of heavy snow would cover the sharp stones underfoot. Trading posts probably originated along the nearby river Otta. Apparently, the road flourished for many centuries.

The Decline of the pass Landrin was probably caused by a combination of economic changes, climate change, and , according to the study authors Lars Saw in the official press release of the work. When the local area was restored, everything changed and the pass Landrin was lost in the ice and abandoned.

This mitten made of different pieces of woven fabric was found in the area of pass Landrin. Radiocarbon Dating showed that the find belongs to the 9th century.

The Next discovery is even more astounding. The picture shows an archaeologist Elling Utvik of Wemmer holds a skull pack horses of the Vikings, who are unable to get through the ice. The skull was dated to around 1700, making it the earliest discovery on the pass.

the Head of pack horses , which belonged to the Vikings in the hands of a scientist

Ancient Viking horseshoe

At some point the highway was absorbed by the ice and snow, which probably played a key role in preserving these artifacts. The safety of objects, extracted from the ice is staggering, as if they were lost recently, not centuries or millennia ago.

Well-preserved horseshoe. Age dates from the 11th to mid-13th century. Discovered in 2018

Today, the highway of the Vikings is a highway to nowhere. Ice the spot Landrin rises above the tree line, reachable only by helicopter. However, over time things can change, because climate change is destroying the once impenetrable ice shield. Global warming leads to the melting of mountain ice in the world. The result of these processes and become findings, which scientists have extracted from ice. Agree, trying to save the remnants of their now melting world is a very exciting job, but it is impossible to run without trouble, as the ice is melting very rapidly. What can be the consequences of climate change . And all these findings, one way or another – the dream of the archaeologist.

the Vikings raided the robberies, which successfully combined with the trade


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