Myths and facts about the Bermuda triangle. History of the anomalous zone


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Myths and facts about the Bermuda triangle. History of the anomalous zone

Did you know that the Bermuda triangle is not just a place on the map? And the fact that there is only the media and popular rumor describes how a mystic. In fact, it is not so and almost all the phenomena that are considered abnormal have a logical explanation. Still people want to believe in something mystical and to build theories of the mystics, which sometimes happens in the world. As a result, they ignore all the arguments of the scientists themselves, build theories about how someone disappeared and appeared at the other end of the Earth. Here they are — the people. We also like to discuss different scenarios, so let's generally talk about what is happening on this mysterious territory.

Where is the Bermuda triangle

The Bermuda triangle is called area in the Sargasso sea (Atlantic ocean). According to legend, it takes a lot of anomalous phenomena, including disappearance of ships and aircraft.

Since this is a triangle, it should be tops. These are points which coincide with the location of geographic objects such as Miami, Bermuda and San Juan (Puerto Rico).

it looks like the Bermuda triangle.

The Area of this territory is big enough and is approximately 700 000 square kilometers. Almost the entire territory is ocean, and due to the fact that the Bermuda triangle is in the Atlantic ocean, many are attracted to stories about Atlantis.

Abnormal area of the Bermuda triangle

The best known ways to explain mysterious events in the Bermuda triangle and Atlanta — the inhabitants of the lost Atlantis.

really really Atlantis takes the victims?

That is, objects and people collide or gaps in space and time, or just drift away incredible powers. For example, many believe that the ships are in a parallel world or just stuck in time. So they disappear and never come back. Also explains that their wreckage never found.

Many remember the legend of the Kraken, the giant cephalopod mollusc, who, though known more for the descriptions of Icelandic sailors, but it can dwell in these waters and sink ships, that are close to him.

This mythical monster for a long time, the ball is the main legend for sailors.

This is All very interesting to discuss and to fantasize on this topic, but modern science, though not completely solved the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle might tell us why there are mysterious things without folklore and horror stories about beasts.

And at the same time science can explain why according to the statistics of ships in the Bermuda triangle lost no more than in other parts of the ocean. This, incidentally, is confirmed by the US coast guard and various insurance companies that pay compensation for the lost ships and their cargo.

Why in the Bermuda triangle lost ships

Despite the fact that science does not recognize the appearance of aliens and Atlanteans in the area of the Bermuda triangle, it does not mean that it does not meet the anomaly. But above all, we must understand that the world ocean is extremely heterogeneous. It is a vast territory, on which the depth exceeds several kilometers and broke.


Ocean reef

The Bermuda triangle belongs to the second category. There is a very . They can be the cause of a large number of crashes. Especially at a time when the mariners still had no fish finders and satellite navigation systems. Then the ships were made of wood, and when stranded, soon collapsed.

This underwater serenity can easily sink the ship.


Infrasound on water

Another anomaly, which is described by scientists, is infrasound. According to this version, the surface of the ocean can somehow generate an inaudible ear sound that drives people crazy and makes you do strange things. For example, to deliberately sink a ship or just jump overboard. Similar sound . Two participants even described how they had experienced this phenomenon. We will return to this in separate articles.


Emissions of methane in the ocean

Another reason for the strange behavior of the ocean in the Bermuda triangle and potential danger for ships are methane emissions. The cause of ejection may be the reaction of decomposition of methane hydrate on the sea days.

According to this theory, on the surface , which so reduce the density of the water that the ships just can't keep it and drown. Proof that this is possible, is the use of the people of this principle. When the jumpers from the tower of the train enter the water, they include special wildness. It allows you to make it like softer to the athlete was injured in a bad fall. Same rarefied air upon further rise of gases may interfere with the aircraft to generate lift and even disrupt the operation of the engines.

In the Bermuda triangle lost not only ships, but also planes.

There was even conducted a kind of strange experiment that proved that the ship can actually go down for a few tens of seconds, if you find yourself inthe area of allocation of gas bubbles. In the end it turned out that the bubble diameter should be equal to at least half the length of the vessel. The existence of such bubbles is doubtful, and how dangerous it could be many small, not yet defined.

Ship missing in Bermuda triangle

One of the most recent examples of how the ship disappeared in the Bermuda triangle, but then were is the SS Cotopaxi. It is a trading ship that left the port of Charleston (South Carolina) on 29 November 1925. After a few days the ship vanished, but as it turned out, not without a trace. There is even a documentary on the Science channel which stated that according to insurance companies, December 1, 1925, the ship sends a distress call and reported that leans to one side.

In 2020 the wreckage of a ship found off the coast of California. As you can see, no mystery and will ship disappeared and was transported to another place, as it was shown in the movie ”Close encounters of the third kind.” In this picture the missing SS Cotopaxi found in the Gobi desert. According to the scenario, back from the Bermuda triangle .

So this ship looked like in the movie.

The mass disappearance in the Bermuda triangle

The mass disappearance in the Bermuda triangle can be considered a simultaneous loss of link from of five aircraft of the U.S. air force and the plane that went in search of them. It happened on 5 December 1945, and these aircraft were bombers, torpedo-type ”Avenger”. Their wreckage was never found.

According to early statements of command, equipment operated by an experienced pilot, but, as it turned out, the helm was sitting novice pilots and experienced was only the instructor — Lieutenant Taylor. However, he's only recently started to fly in the area and could not well navigate the terrain.

At first the flames were fanned reports of radio conversations of the pilots with the database in which it was said that they can't determine the direction, and the ocean does not look as usual. Ended the message with ”we fall in the white water”.

At the bottom of the Atlantic ocean lies a lot.

It was Later revealed that the recorded talks nothing about . On the contrary, everything is clear and understandable. Link just lost a landmark, and because of the failure of the compass began to look for how to get back to the mainland. In the end, they lost and they had to sit on water, but it was dark and the sea was very restless. The exact location was difficult to determine due to the fact that the broadcast was a lot of interference.

As soon As command found out that a flight of bombers lost landmarks, in search of them immediately sent several rescue aircraft, including two "Martin Mariner". One of them is also missing.

The fact that because of the design features in the cockpit of these models could get evaporation of fuel from the tanks. Eventually this led to the fact that the slightest spark . This is one of the versions of the crash. The captain of the tanker "Heine mills" confirmed that he watched the explosion and the falling debris and then discovered on the sea surface oil slick. That is, again, no mystery and alien abduction — just a coincidence.

the Ocean is dangerous! But not only in the Bermuda triangle.

Dangerous Bermuda triangle

Do Not want to upset , but all the evidence suggests that the Bermuda triangle is no more dangerous than anywhere else in the ocean. Ships and planes disappear everywhere, storms happen everywhere and reefs are everywhere. If you move around the rules, not to neglect safety and to closely monitor technique, the Bermuda triangle will be completely safe.

Even wandering waves up to 30 meters if can happen in many places. So you don't need to book a cruise through the Bermuda triangle, but don't be afraid. The whole mystery has a reasonable explanation.

whether to overestimate the danger of the Bermuda triangle?


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