Whether the electric — car future?


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Whether the electric — car future?

Since then, as Elon Musk broke into the automotive market, interest in electric vehicles has been simmering for years. Car makers spend billions on development in the field of electrification of vehicles, and the public often sees them as the salvation of the environment is far higher efficiency, but is this really so? Is the electric car revolution in the automotive industry and the panacea of oil, or is it just a very nice marketing with a charismatic leader at the helm? Let's touch on these points in this article.

The Main advantage of the electric car think it is environmentally friendly. It is understandable, since there is no exhaust gas, so environmentally friendly. And in each case the electric cars really greener counterparts on petroleum products. Unfortunately, there is a caveat. You connect the car to the outlet, and she generates a current. Talking about that, and into your outlet, we came to the conclusion that it is not so eco-friendly the electric car, as it is painted.

the Main sources of energy

It All starts with an energy source. For internal combustion engines — is oil. Electric cars get their energy from nuclear power plants, hydroelectric and thermal power plants. Thermal power plants account for over 65% of all generated energy and that's very, very much. The main problems of thermal power plants include: soil compaction, combustion, combustion oxygen, air emissions and thermal pollution of water bodies. Will tell in a few words about each problem and their interrelationships.

First — is soil compaction. It is due to the pumping of oil (Yes, and here from it is still there), giving rise to a violation of the earth's surface and a drawdown of 10 meters and more. Well, let's say, pumped, dipped soil, and then what? Then obtained after pumping the fuel you need to burn for energy that addresses problems number two and three.

The Burning of fuel leads to emissions of carbon dioxide. This in turn leads to the destruction of the atmosphere and the greenhouse. Is to say that combustion is impossible without oxygen, and it consumes every year about 10-15 million tons. And on snack thermal pollution. Any work with a constant energy production goes hand in hand with cooling system to prevent overheating and explosions. Water from thermal power plant is discharged into nearby water bodies, which significantly violates the microclimate and affect vegetation and living beings. But I propose to ignore the question about the environment in the near future and to talk about three wonderful letters, namely efficiency.

engine efficiency

For clarity, the pattern will be:

diagram of the efficiency of internal combustion engines and electric motors

So, let's go down, as the stairs down for each item and calculate the resulting aggregate efficiency. We will go the way of the best result and the fewest losses, so as not to aggravate the picture. At the stage of the source is comparable hydroelectric and oil.

What is better: oil or gas?

The efficiency of oil production by as much as 20% to the hydro, but I can play if 20% of these, a crucial role? Let's deal. The energy is not enough to get her still to be delivered, so next is transportation. Undoubtedly an important stage, because many of the oil and electricity do not get, if it all spilled, it turns out, nothing was producing. Power lines give 70% efficiency against 98% of the pipeline. Why such a discrepancy? It's simple. The lines are very long, and some of the energy simply does not reach the destination. In addition, there are wear lines due to long use, and there are bottlenecks with low bandwidth, which also affects losses. The pipeline is in this case completely dominates, showing very minor loss, which is nearing zero.

Transformer substation and refinery

At the stage of transformation in the transformer substations there is an increase or decrease of voltage and distribution of industrial objects, but at the refinery, there is a total processing with the aim of obtaining various types of fuel. Here get diesel fuel, gasoline, and generally doing everything possible to squeeze out of oil the maximum. And it turns out it's pretty good, because the engine and motor ahead here and ahead of him by 10%. Then again there is transportation, but at least the mains compared to the transmission lines can boast the best efficiency, still in a battle with the internal combustion engine they lose.

The Stage of accumulation in the diagram I have called the process of discharge of batteries and storage of fuel in the tank. Interestingly, if the petroleum products from the time of the year, and therefore from difference of temperatures, are not affected, but elektrobatarei — the heat-loving creatures. When the temperature drops and the occurrence of sustained low temperatures they are much less hold a charge, so the efficiency at this stage it was impossible to specify unambiguously: in the summer it is 80%, and in the winter falls intwice. The engine also keeps the bar at 98%.

h2>Lies, damned lies, and statistics

The Last item I love the most. It is efficiency of obtaining the kinetic energy of the motor. It is this point along with environmentally friendly do not give rest to the public. In fact, when compared to private motor efficiency two times higher than the efficiency of the internal combustion engine, but in General it turns out that neither ecology nor greater efficiency in electric cars was not there. The real numbers say that the efficiency of the motor is not two times higher and two times lower!

I would Like to say that I did not pursue the goal post in the dust electric cars and to praise internal combustion engines. I like the path of increasing sustainability, but at the moment I think it's more environmentally friendly to drive cars on petrol and diesel than to buy an electric car. What do you think about this? Share your opinion .

are you eco-friendly Tesla?


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