How long is the flight to Mars?


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How long is the flight to Mars?

After the appearance of SpaceX Elon musk space became more interested in humanity. All these plans for interplanetary expeditions, colonization of the red planet — miracles, and only. Let's assume that the future is now and fiction stories become reality. You left home and decided to fly for the duration of the quarantine on Mars. Open Navigator and navigate the route to the Mars colony Elon musk. Do you think how much will have to fly to get there? Let's face it.

Interplanetary flights — is a serious matter. Here an important role plays not only the time, as in the case of the earth's tourism, but also stay in a given place at a given time. Explain on the fingers. If you're flying from one point of Land to another, for example, from Moscow to Vladivostok, the distance between these two cities will always be true, but a key criterion will be the time of departure. You may not have noticed it, but a one-way flight is almost always longer than the opposite. Why? There are several reasons: the direction of the wind, the queue for landing at the airport, and the rotation of the Earth, but if the moments of the queue upon arrival, forcing the pilots a few times to work up the circles at the airport, we omit the other two more significant and uncontrolled phenomenon, it is very important to consider.

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Tailwind Wish is especially significant for the essence of the explanation of the phenomenon. It just so happened, that the wind direction on the planet — from West to East, so in one case, the plane is flying in the wind, and the other — against him, which quite logically affects the arrival time.

distribution pattern of winds on our planet

Since the Earth is constantly in rotation, then all the moving objects, a so-called Coriolis force. Simply put, the Coriolis force — is the force that allows us to consider the motion of a material point relative to the rotating frame of reference (in this case — of the Earth). It is because of this non-inertial forces when flying the aircraft weight changes when you move East it decreases, and during movement to the West — increases.

And if we fly from Moscow to the colony Elon musk on Mars, unchanged if the distance and time between destinations? Unfortunately, no. Due to the fact that the orbits of Earth and Mars are very different, the best option is to fly in the “opposition” of two planets, or in other words at the moment of closest approach.

the Position of the opposition of Mars and Earth

In the case of the “opposition” distance between the planets will be minimal, which equals 55 million kilometers, but this phenomenon is not frequent, it happens every two years. Besides, in space there is no air, there is vacuum, so the winds there can not be a priori, and the motion of a rocket they have no influence, and that of the Coriolis force, it creates problems, mainly astronauts. In order to overcome the inconveniences of weightlessness, the spaceship spin, but there is already familiar to the Coriolis force. From the fly to the side and press the keys the first time is extremely problematic, because the hand exactly the same way as items, it will take aside. Fortunately, people quickly adapt, and soon the inconvenience of the Coriolis force disappear.

where to go and how to get to Mars

For comparison, take the fastest at the moment a missile PRS-1M with a speed of 14.5 thousand km/h (it is, of course, not a passenger, but let's keep it Munchausen on the core and take to compare it. After all, it is the fastest missile in the world), hypersonic aircraft X-43A (11.2 thousand km/h), hypercar Bugatti Chiron (490 km/h) and the fastest man on the planet — Usain Bolt (37.5 km/h).

Planet in the “opposition”, the start! Here are the results:

the Total amount of time in transit

As we can see, to get from Earth to Mars, the fastest rocket on the planet it takes 5 months, hypersonic aircraft — 7 months, the Bugatti Chiron will be there in 13 years, and if you are so powerful that you can without stopping to run with the speed of the fastest man in the world, after only 167 years you will be at destination. If you become interested, and how much to get, if the planets are not located as close to each other, and, for example, as far as possible or halfway, then you need to multiply the time in 8 years and 4 years respectively. In the case of maximum removal of even the fastest rocket will fly to Mars 3 years and 4 months, and Usain Bolt, unfortunately, gets there by the next Millennium.

As the minimum journey time is 5 months, it is clear that we must act proactively and to start with a certain anticipation, in fact, fly in the void to at the time of the arrival of your ship and the planet when you met at the design point. Otherwise, you either have to wait for the planet or, much worse, to catch up with her. It turns out that in the absence of earthly problems, are easier tourism becomes. New times bring new, little-known issues, again making to solve complex problems and to compromise. In thisis the essence of discovery — find new barriers to overcome.

Here is — the world of interplanetary tourism. As you are such perspektivka, huh? Ready to book a tour to Mars? Let's discuss this in .

the Red planet. So close but so far


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