The mystery of the disappearances in the Bennington triangle


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The mystery of the disappearances in the Bennington triangle

People have gone in different places of the planet. one of them — Bennington triangle.

How much do you know about triangles? Mathematics and begin to think of an isosceles, rectangular, equilateral and so on. Motorists will remember the sign ”give way”, and fans of mystery will remember the Bermuda triangle — the king of all the mystical sites of the world. Recently, we talked about many of them, but now, approaching the end of the list, it is worth to remember about one more triangle, which is not as well known as the Bermuda, but it takes people forever. There's a logical explanation, but lacking in this story and mysticism. Let's discuss it and understand whether it is necessary to be afraid of mystical places. Or some people are guilty that with them that something happened, while others make it a symbol of mysticism.

What is the Bennington triangle

Despite the fact that the Bennington triangle is not as famous as other meta, he still has a name and the person who gave it to him. This man was Joseph Citro. the it Happened in 1992, and this name was chosen for the place, which is located in the South-Western part of Vermont in the United States.

The Center of Bennington treugolniki is in the area of Glastenbury. This mountain is located in the district of Bennigton — hence the name.

It All started back in the early 1920-ies. Ever since the beliefs of the local Indians appeared mention of this area, how about the damn place. There is not only lost people, but was heard unexplained sounds, and also met a strange atmospheric phenomenon. Someone even claimed to have seen unusual animals in the forest.

Sitro, which gave the name to this place, was fond of folklore, therefore, can tell a lot about the Bennington triangle. And rightly so, that he has secured is the unofficial name of the place.

The Name was coined on the analogy , which had already managed to acquire tales and legends.

Disappearances in the Bennington triangle happened more than once and get in the paper. And on the right his territory.

Interestingly, nobody really knows where the borders Bennington triangle. However, as its vertices are often mentioned points are located in the cities of Glastenbury, Woodford and Somerset. Once they were major industrial centers of the United States, but then times have changed, the industry of woodworking in this place went into decline and these cities, as is often the case, simply empty due to the fact that people had to leave their homes.

Someone claims that in Bennington triangle constantly missing people, but it is not so. Cases of missing really was, but officially documented only five of them. They all occurred in the period from 1945 to 1950.

Who went missing in the Bennington triangle


Middy rivers — only cartridge

The First person in the territory of the Bennington triangle is officially documented, was the Middy rivers. 74-year-old man walking on Hiking trail on 12 November 1945 and more it nobody saw. He as a conductor he accompanied four hunters, who were returning home, but broke away from them and disappeared. Such is the conductor.

The Search yielded no result, but to get lost a man could not, as it knew these places. It was only the cartridge that was found in the Creek. It is believed that he stooped to drink and the cartridge fell. That's just where he went after that?

In such a beautiful place, too, can happen mystical events.


Paul gene Walden — very strange disappearance

Eighteen-year-old sophomore at Bennington College Sex gene Walden missing December 1, 1946 in the March along the route of the long trail. Her disappearance attracted a lot of listening due to the fact that she was a simple girl, and the daughter of a famous engineer, designer and architect William Archibald Welden.

The Search continued for a very long time and they were attended by local residents, the police and even the FBI. Eventually managed to figure out just what her and other tourists of the group saw the first of December, about four o'clock in the evening on the road, which is part of the tourist route.

When the search failed and it was clear that tourists will not find (at least in this area), the investigation began to consider other options. To establish the truth of missing Flooring were interviewed almost everyone who saw a girl on the same day, or simply could also see her being in the vicinity of Harbor road.

When people can not find, often recall the mystical explanation of this.

Then the story became even more confusing, as in this region I saw at least one girl that looks like on the Floor. This story appeared and the stolen vehicle which was later burned in the area of new York, and the man who had been repeatedly caught in a lie. Actually he was the main suspect in the disappearance Floors. What happened where did the girl has remained a mystery. But one thing was clear for sure — the investigation failed to prove that she was the victim of a crime.


James Thedford — the missing veteran

Exactly three years tothe moment the girl went missing from the previous stories, the investigators again . Returning home on the bus, disappeared without a trace veteran James Thedford. The witnesses stated that at the previous setting before Bennington the man was still in the bus, but it was not there in the cabin. However, his Luggage remained in place.

Where did he go, investigators have been unable to install, considering that he was missing. The only thing left of him, in addition to Luggage is a brochure with the schedule of the buses, which had been lying on his seat.

A Long search came to no avail, but to leave the bus between stops he also could not. At least, so claimed the bus driver.


Paul jepson — the loss of the truck

Following the disappearance, too, did not wait long and took place on 12 October 1950 at approximately the same place where he disappeared, James Thedford. This time the victim was a boy of eight years. He was driving with mom in the truck. She briefly distracted and never saw his son.

Mystical events often have a rationale. Just did not always know.

Despite the fact that the search moved again , the child is not found. To facilitate the finding had a bright red jacket that was on the boy.

The Dogs had picked up a trail, but it ended about the place where the last time you saw a Semi Welden, missing for four years before that (the same Floor from the story above).


Freud Langer — the disappearance from a stream

Another case — the fifth and last — occurred 16 days after the disappearance of Paul Jepson. October 28, 1950, the 53-year-old woman named Freud Langer recovered from a cousin to hike from the campsite. After some time she stumbled and fell into the stream.

and why they killed the ships.

To change into dry clothes, she went back to camp and more it nobody saw. To camping it never came, but the brother never returned.

Five search operations that were deployed in the coming days, to no avail, although the search involved more than 300 people, and even aircraft.

It is Interesting that in this story the remains of a woman found, but it turned out they where before researchers checked every detail and found nothing. Since it's been seven months since the incident to establish the cause of death was impossible.

it looks like the streets of Bennington. Cute place. ?

Connected disappearances in the Bennington triangle

Even now, many years later, there is no evidence that the disappearances in the Bennington triangle was somehow linked. United them only a place and time.

According to one version, these people were victims of a serial killer. Against this version says that the people who usually go to this, choose a certain type of victims. There was no connection, and gone are very different people — from boy to man and from young girls to elderly women.

Apparently, we did not know what was happening at that time in that place. This story becomes even more mysterious. Of course, so not lost, entire aircraft or ships, but the mysterious disappearance of five people, and according to some versions, even ten or more, is also drawn to mysticism.


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