Humpback undecideds: how working from home will affect the appearance of the people?


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Humpback undecideds: how working from home will affect the appearance of the people?

In theory, will be like the people who work at home

In 2019, the analysts of International Workplace Group found that 80% of office workers would like to work on a more flexible schedule. Well, pandemic coronavirus gave them a great opportunity to work from home and be at least a little freer. Some companies the fact of the transfer of employees to remote mode very much — the representatives of the microblogging service Twitter even thinking to transfer their employees on udalenku forever. It may well be that in the future remote employees will become much more than before, which is why different groups of scientists trying to figure out how working from home affects the human body. Recently, the developer of a platform for job search DirectlyApply contacted psychologists and fitness experts to assess the impact of udalenka per person. In the end, they have created a portrait of the "remote worker of the future."

Cons of remote work

Imagine that you are completely transferred to the remote mode. No need to warm up the car, wait for the bus and a 40-minute ride in the subway car. Just enough to get out of bed, have Breakfast and sit in front of a laptop — the working day began. Somewhere in the afternoon you can go to the kitchen and eat, but to chat with whom, because your colleagues also sit at home. Returning to his Desk and sitting behind it another 3-4 hours, you decide to relax and spend an evening watching TV series or playing video games. And so it takes 25 years...

Some employers allow employees to alternate udalenku and office job

Now you look like Susan — the typical man who worked at home and completely forgot about walks and other pleasures of life. Psychologists and fitness experts have studied how a constant work at the computer, no personal meetings with colleagues and other satellites remote work can affect a person's appearance and created a rather frightening image. A broken figure, wrinkled skin, eyes with huge bags is not all that awaits the man who bezvylazno sitting at the computer.

Susan doesn't look very healthy, do you…?

the dangers of computer

The Creators of the image of Susan explained that the constant presence in front of a computer or laptop will certainly cause people to have "computer vision syndrome". This condition is characterized by dry and bloodshot eyes, under which there were great big bags. Most of his time "remote workers of the future" will see the monitor flicker, so the skin becomes pale and wrinkled, and the hair will fall. And the reason for that — lack of vitamin D, which comes to us from the Sun.

see also:

Below the head will be clumsy body, disfigured by low activity and improper sitting at the computer. The spine is clearly curved, Susan, why she must have a constantly sore neck. The head of a man from the future will be constantly pushed forward — in the English language literature this phenomenon is called "tech neck" and is considered to be the consequence of too active use of the smartphone. Hands Susan is also deformed, because it is dozens of hours a day holding a computer mouse and tapping on the keyboard.

Illustration of the "tech neck."

Mental health Susan is also not so good, because she very seldom sees people. According to the authors, work at home without regular trips to the street will necessarily lead people to stress. They explained this by the fact that the chaotic regime of work and lack of personal conversations with colleagues, "nothing" will lead to higher levels of cortisol — a stress hormone. And stress can trigger high blood pressure, problems with the cardiovascular system and other diseases.

Recently, my colleague Love Sokovikova told . I advise you to read!

According to representatives , passed on the remote work it's important for people to make a daily routine and strictly adhere to it. The schedule should include exercise, meeting friends and everything that was the norm while working in the office. And during operation it is necessary to take breaks — for example, work for 20 minutes, making between them to do a 5-minute break. During a break I definitely need to rise from the Desk and stretch, give your eyes a rest.

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How will our life change after the pandemic coronavirus, in April, wrote editor in chief Renat Grishin. In his article he talked about how people treat your work and money, and also touched on the topic of tourism. The argument was also joined by writer Alexander Bogdanov and the founder of the website Mikhail Korolev. In General, the article was intense, !


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