Why do people like "round numbers"?


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Why do people like

a scene from the movie "the Hangover"

Imagine the situation when you entered the store and saw two delicious chocolate. One of them is on sale with 90% discount, and the other you can buy on 91,27% cheaper. It would be very logical if you bought a second chocolate, because you obviously spend a little less money. However, American scientists believe that most people would chose the first sugar — only because the "round" figure like them more. And to spit that the purchase of the second bar is a more profitable action. About this strange behavior of the human mind, scientists have learned in the course of a scientific experiment, which was attended by thousands of people. During tests many of the volunteers actually showed more trust and love for round numbers. According to scientists, the creators of the various advertisements and public health officials should treat the figures with more responsibility — with the help of them you can control people's thinking.

Favorite figures of people

About the unusual opening of the American scientists was told in . In this study, six participated 1552 people. They had in a different form to answer the questions in which you must make a choice between the round and precise numbers — just like in the example with the chocolate in the top of the article. For unexplained reasons, most people expressed great love for numbers ending strictly at zero. As to the exact numbers of volunteers treated with suspicion and, in most cases, tried to deal with them.

the largest number in the world consists of 24 862 048 digits

Observations have shown that the exact indicators like 91,27% to some degree even annoying. When the volunteers saw the exact figures, they did a significant pause in their minds clearly run complex thought process. And when the people saw a round figure like 90%, no pause was observed. There is an assumption that all of us are simply easier to perceive more rounded than extremely accurate with fractions of a cent. That is why some people can choose a lower discount, the brain is easier to perceive it.

Managing people

According to the economist Gaurava Jane (Gaurav Jain) from the Polytechnic Institute of Rensselaer, advertisers and health authorities should be more attentive to published reports the figures. The attitude of the people towards new applications may depend on which numbers are used in statements — rounded and accurate. When it comes to something important, obviously you should use rounded figures to the news attracted the attention of more people.

People often prefer rounded figures, and it is proved by science

Ever the scientists still manage to create, and it will need to attract the attention of an increasing number of people. But this is not enough — the vaccine should cause people to trust. So, instead of writing about 91,27% efficiency of the new means of coronavirus, it would be logical to specify 90% efficiency. In fact, no lie no, because the difference is small. But the new vaccine would believe more people.

On the other hand, the results of the study can now be used by advertisers. Such moves are used for a long time — you notice that the price tag is some 1000 rubles, the price of 999 rubles? The difference in one ruble, but many people this price tag seems more attractive — our brain is designed so that in this case, the 999 seems to us to be closer to 900 than 1000. There is a feeling that choosing a product for 999 rubles, a person saves.

Marketers are constantly playing with prices, and often we don't even notice the trick

There is another trick some manufacturers of milk, juices and other similar products in liter bottles. Although there is only about 900 milliliters. Thus they can obtain from product sales, more profit and not deceive buyers, because the label clearly says — 900 milliliters.

In General, today marketers know many techniques by which you can make people buy even what they don't need. The study of these methods in 2019 was carried out by scientists from Princeton University (USA), and the results of their observations told the author Hi-News.ru Nicholas Khizhnyak. His observations in the article also shared the site founder and editor, so I strongly recommend .


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