Large vegetables can save humanity from starvation


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Large vegetables can save humanity from starvation

In different parts of the world regularly hosts competitions for the biggest vegetable.

Tomatoes, which are considered to be the main ingredients of various salads and pizzas were first consumed in South America. In the wild they are very small, but modern varieties can be the size of a human fist. According to scientists, the first large tomatoes were grown by the Indians around the XV century — most likely, they were obtained by crossing different species. This fact was spun in the minds of scientists for a long time, and they were wondering whether it is possible somehow to grow tomato unlimited size. As it turned out, this is possible thanks to the technology of editing genes if you slightly modify the at least one particle, you can grow tomatoes giant size. With the huge tomato will retain the usual fruit benefits and nutrition.

Genes — particles of DNA molecules, which contain instructions for the development of animals and plants. Genes determine the presence of certain signs, so, by editing them, you can even change the size of the fruit plants.

Benefits of tomatoes

On the topic of what exactly are the tomatoes, you can argue for a long time. They can even be considered fruits, but in Russia they are treated as vegetables. The use of tomatoes due to the high content of the healing tissue and anti-stress vitamin C and high in antioxidants. These substances slow down the oxidation processes in the human body and reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Tomatoes are good, but their leaves may be poisonous.

Also, tomatoes are very nutritious, so scientists believe that if the estate of the ability to grow large fruit, mankind can be saved from starvation. The development of technology for growing huge vegetables took a group of scientists from the U.S., China and Japan. According to research , they really managed to find out what factors are holding back the endless growth of tomatoes and how plants can help to go "beyond".

Large tomato

In the course of scientific work, researchers researchers studied the genes of varieties of tomatoes "bullish heart". Like many other plants, fruit development of tomato occurs at the tips of stems. That is where the fabric meristem, which cells actively divide and eventually form a juicy and delicious fruit. Researchers for a long time followed this process and found out which genes are responsible for the size of the fruit.

It Turned out that in this case the big role played by two genes:

  • WUSCHEL — stimulates growth;
  • the
  • CLAVATA3 — inform the plant when you want that growth to stop.

According to the researchers, hundreds of years ago, a gene CLAVATA3 as if "learned" to stop the growth of tomatoes at a certain level. But today genes can be edited and, with a little intervention, you can give the plants the ability to grow larger fruit. How exactly edit the genes we have many times said before — can, for example, to read . But it is not important, because now scientists have a real opportunity to save humanity from possible starvation.

Scientists have identified which genes are responsible for the growth of tomato

This is not yet proven, but with the help of new technology, you can grow other vegetables of gigantic proportions. So humanity does have hope for obtaining a pound of cucumbers, potatoes and so on. Exactly how new technology will affect the taste of the products is not yet clear, but the intervention should not affect this property.

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Generally, because of a gradual increase in temperature on our planet, many plants are at risk of completely disappearing. For example, extinction may be barley that will lead to a shortage of beer. Researchers believe that to grow barley will be available only in some regions of our planet. The beer will be a rare drink, so its value will increase many times over. About the forecast of the scientists I wrote .

On the size of the vegetables also affected by the cleanliness of the environment

Also do not forget about another problem of mankind, the environmental pollution with plastic waste. Recently, scientists from the U.S. and China have found that microscopic particles can get inside the plants and hinder their growth. And this is proven through a scientific experiment, the details of which it is written . Happy reading!


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