How artificial intelligence can affect creativity?


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How artificial intelligence can affect creativity?

the Robots can paint, but will they be able to understand what drew people?

Artificial intelligence and what is meant by this phrase has become increasingly common in our world. Many people think that this is a story about the shot to your smartphone or or other problems of a global and not so global scale. In fact, the concept is very conditional, and you can argue with the fact that such a phenomenon even exists. However, sometimes the developers offer something that once again makes one speculate on this topic. Sometimes it's not even a separate product, as something sewn in a separate decision. But is it we need?

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is agitated the minds of science fiction even before there was the first computer. However tempting it was to have a machine that would understand you as a person and did everything for you. In this case, it would be easy to create and all. That is, it is not necessary to employ, to grow, to educate, train and so on. Just collected her and she will somehow work.

In addition, she will not be tired will not require food will not sleep and will not be protected by the law from all sides. Simply put, it will be electronic slave and a nobody . Even this machine will welcome such a development.

The Concept of intelligence was formulated many times, almost all ranging from the thinkers of the past. But the concept of artificial intelligence involves not just “the same, but artificial” and do something completely different.

In the early 1980s, scientists with the names of Barr and Feigenbaum, closely working with the theory of computation, proposed a definition of artificial intelligence, which is still considered to be relevant:

From the definition it follows that AI is not a final product, but only “scope of Informatics”. In addition, the main words in the definition are “training” and “ability to reason”.

Such features AI can't replace human intelligence, as it implies a lot of things, for example, ability of self-expression, affection, ethical guidelines and more. But he can perfectly cope with the ability to reason.

Artificial intelligence in painting

One example of such reasoning is the construction drawings instead of a person. There are per person. Editor created , and it is necessary to turn the rough sketches in a pretty sketchy image. That is, can be roughly draw the Bicycle, and the system will offer a more beautiful display of this bike.

So I drew…

And my drawing improved AI.

The Problem is that the options are too many. Especially possible if the drawing is too schematic. In this case, the scatter is such that it may seem like they are offered completely randomly. However, if you draw something more or less similar, the recognition will be accurate enough.

It is Difficult to call this way of drawing is very necessary, but sometimes it can be useful. The problem is that the drawings are the same. That is not to say that in the future it will help to draw the whole picture for those who have hands grow from the pockets of the jeans. That is, if you don't know how to draw a tiger, you won't get a masterpiece. Even if the system recognizes the pattern and will give the beautiful color of the tiger, and not angularly schematic 2D copy, anyway, to speak about the uniqueness is not necessary, since this tiger is from anyone who tries to draw it.

We assume this is a sort of rectification of the arrows drawn in the normal tool image viewer MacOS. It's just convenient, but nothing outstanding in this.

Game with artificial intelligence

In addition to this relatively useful tool, which I mentioned above, there is making very active efforts in the development of artificial intelligence. The game offers to draw what she asked. After that, she will try to find out what is drawn and say it all.

the Game that can kill time with advantage for the common good.

So we get a game that can kill some afternoon time, but to make it useful. that you have to draw and looks like you do. After some time, the conventional pen will draw hundreds of thousands of people and generates an algorithm for determining the drawn of the pen.

the System tried to guess but my pictures were too sketchy.

Such “toys” allow us to reflect on how technology has stepped forward. This is not the case when the assistant in the smart phone checks mail and creates a reminder about the upcoming flight, finding an e-ticket in one of the letters. Everything is much more complicated.

If the algorithm canto recognize the drawn slice of pizza, a pen, a bike and more, it can be used not only to replace the schematic image to something more advanced, but significantly more serious problems.

For Example, it can be used in psychoanalysis, in cryptography, system security, training and many other areas. The main thing is to teach the system to understand that “said” person and be with him on the same wavelength.


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