The prototype spaceship Starship was tested with one engine


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The prototype spaceship Starship was tested with one engine

The Prototype vehicle Starship codenamed SN4 successfully tested with a single engine Raptor. Previous trials held in mid-April — then still a prototype SN3 fell apart during testing under pressure. The company was able to resolve the problem, SN4 Starship passed this test, as it became known today that a rocket tested with the engine running. Of the test results in his Twitter said Elon Musk, who all this time watching the progress of the operation (apparently, to separate only in the hospital, because the mask of the recently born child).

Test flight Starship

Burning engine SN4 was originally scheduled for may 5, but it was canceled a few seconds after the start. Those who watched the stream online, announced the blaze of fire which happened in fraction of seconds after starting the engine. Apparently, SpaceX something again modified, and 6 may engine Raptor prototype rocket had a successful launch and a few seconds off in accordance with the programmed algorithm.

What's next? As the missile passed the test with the engine now SpaceX wants to have a trial run for 150 meters. In any case, the company has requested from the Supervisory authorities of the States of radio frequency to conduct a test flight to a height of up to 2 kilometers, but with a single engine Raptor rocket will not rise to the mark. For such flights, SpaceX is already building a Starship SN5 — another prototype of the rocket with three engines Raptor, which can fly for several kilometers.

During the following tests SpaceX need to SN4 Starship not only reached a height of at least 150 meters, but carried out a successful landing on a specially prepared for this site. Even if the engine will work the same as on the tests, not the fact that the landing will be good. Although the company Elon musk in recent years, this all became much better.

SpaceX successfully landed the Falcon 9

Why Elon Musk is building another rocket

SpaceX deals for faster delivery of people in a distant city, as well as to Mars and other planets. The first assembled prototype of the vehicle was introduced in early 2019, and since then the company managed carefully to test it. Nevertheless, SpaceX is constantly there are any problems with this vehicle. In July 2019 Starship couldn't get off the ground, and after a few weeks again . Then Elon Musk said that soon will fix it, and after a couple of months there will be a flight of the ship, but in 2019 it never took place.

look test firing of the engine Starship

When you run Starship

Later, the launch was scheduled for the 1st quarter 2020, but, as we have seen, did not take place — his role was played by the pandemic and coronavirus . The company now plans to launch the first official launch of the Starship in 2021. To complete all tests and collect the final version of the aircraft to the planned date, the developers build a new prototype vehicle ship. It is believed that the parallel design of the ship in two different places markedly hasten the day when he will be able to soar into the sky.

Now he SpaceX and Elon Musk spending billions of dollars on this project (and when developed two rockets, the money you need is two times more), but the Mask does not regret the money spent. In his opinion, one of the ways our salvation is a space exploration and migration to other planets. What threatens the planet now? Most likely, Elon Musk has a view of the problem and the pollution of the planet .

According to the plans of Space X, the cost of fuel for the starship should be about 900 000 US dollars for one spin. And operating and depreciation expenses add to this amount approximately 1 million and 200 thousand "American presidents". Thus, the final amount should be about $ 2 million per flight into orbit.

How was Starship

Starship want to use for the carriage of passengers

You don't think that SpaceX has done such a ship for a year — it is a project to create a spacecraft for Intercontinental flights was developed 4 years ago. Some time later the lower level to output the ship into space , and which is a manned and cargo ship part was called Big Falcon Ship. And at the end of 2018 lower tier was called Super Heavy, and the ship — Starship. Both parts are reusable, meaning they can run and land a few times. It seems more renaming your rocket Elon Musk just loves to bring down the shares of his car company Tesla.

Starship Engine now looks something like this


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