Atlantis – myths and facts about the lost continent


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Atlantis – myths and facts about the lost continent

The Existence of the known continent of lore, songs, novels, movies and comic books, oddly enough, is questionable scientists. The fact that there are no Oceanographic and geophysical data to corroborate the reality of Atlantis. But in spite of that, many believe that mount underwater expedition finally finds the collapsed columns and towers of the greatest civilization that ever existed. In General, the idea of Atlantis the lost continent that was home to a perfect, utopian society — has captured the dreamers, the mystics and occultists for centuries. Atlantis is dedicated to the thousands of books, magazines and web sites. Moreover, people were losing fortunes — and in some cases even their lives – in search of a lost continent. But whether there was Atlantis ever, and if so, what happened to her?

the Origin of Atlantis

Let's Start with the fact that more than 2300 years ago the Greek philosopher Plato described a Great war involving Atlantis, a powerful Empire that ruled several other Islands and lands across Africa and Europe. In search of riches, the people of Atlantis unleashed world war II, but the victory was won by the Athenians. With the help of the gods «strong earthquakes and floods in one day and one night Atlantis was overthrown in the depths of the ocean». Centuries later, in the 1930-ies of the Greek archaeologist Spyridon Marinatos argued that this description is based on a real destruction of the island Thera (now Santorini) in the Aegean sea. a Cause of the destruction of the island, according to the scientist, was the volcanic eruption occurred in 1600 BC.

Today the island of Santorini can be seen from the International space station (ISS). The former volcano has attracted the attention of researchers and was called the Association of Atlantis because Plato described the city of Atlantis as the harbour is surrounded by rings of land. Currently, the majority of scholars believe that the story of Plato is fictitious. However, he was inspired by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions that occurred in the Mediterranean sea. These events helped to make Plato's story about Atlantis is more plausible.

If Atlantis really existed, scientists long ago would have found it (or what was left of it)

The Legend of Atlantis, unlike many others, is not lost in the mists of time. However, this did not prevent her from the story not about an ideal society, unleashing a world war, to become a story about the good and peaceful inhabitants of the lost continent. It is noteworthy that the Atlantis of Plato is a rich, technologically advanced and militarily powerful civilization, corrupted by their power and wealth. As you probably guessed, as a moral compass in Plato are Athenians who fought against the greedy Empire.

Scholars believe that Plato invented Atlantis to tell stories, as anywhere else there is no mention of this continent. It is important to understand that there are many extant Greek texts, and if someone else has mentioned, at least in passing, about such a wonderful place like Atlantis, we would already know about it. But if Atlantis was invented by Plato, why do we still believe that the lost continent exist?

As he writes in his book «» archaeologist mark Adams, is not particularly remarkable Greek legend became widely known thanks to a man from Minnesota named Ignatius Donnelly (1831-1901). Donnelly was a Congressman and a historian-Amateur, who claimed in his book «the Antediluvian world» 1882, that all the great achievements of civilization and technology, can trace and detect the island described by Plato. Moreover, Donnelly added his own «facts» and ideas that instantly became part of the myth of Atlantis.

the Wrath of Poseidon, according to legend, killed the most powerful civilization

Adams describes Donnelly «as the first great fundamentalist Atlantis, because he believed that the story of Plato was factually accurate –with the exception of such fantastic elements like Poseidon. A copy of his book, Donnelly sent to Charles Darwin, and he found it interesting, but unconvincing. Alas! Later less skeptical writers have developed the theory Donnelly, adding new details and assumptions. But, as is often the case, none of the arguments in favor of the fact that Plato invented Atlantis, not helped by many people over the centuries have argued that these myths hiding some truth. All these arguments led to disputes about where Atlantis sank and how to find it.

However, Plato clearly says where is Atlantis: it lies in the Atlantic ocean for «gerkulesovy pillars» (i.e. the Strait of Gibraltar, at the mouth of the Mediterranean sea). Needless to say that this continent, no one found.

is There an Atlantis?

The Only way to talk seriously about the existence of Atlantis is to ignore its origin or to change the details of the story of Plato. Andstill, the most obvious sign that Atlantis is a myth, is that in all these years was not detected absolutely no traces of its existence, despite the recent advances in Oceanography and cartography of the ocean floor.

it is believed that Atlantis was destroyed by an earthquake and disappeared beneath the water in just one day.

Of Course, for nearly two millennia, it is excusable to suspect that the deep ocean can hide a sunken city or continent. But although the bottom of the ocean and the truth holds many secrets, it is impossible to imagine that oceanographers, divers and deep-sea probes have not noticed a huge continent «larger than Libya and Asia put together.»

And what have you heard about the lost continent? Do you think he was invented by Plato? Share your response in the comments to this article as well as from members

In addition, plate tectonics shows that the existence of Atlantis is impossible. As writes the edition , the Geology is clear – could not exist a large land surface that then sank in the area where Plato placed Atlantis. Together modern archaeology and Geology give a definite answer: the lost continent never existed as a great civilization called Atlantis. Of course, sorry to disappoint you, because it really is a very beautiful legend. And yet, let's allow her to exist peacefully in the pages of art and fiction.

the Beautiful story of the lost continent is just a legend


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