Is it true that our ancestors killed the Neanderthals?


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Is it true that our ancestors killed the Neanderthals?

About 40 thousand years ago on Earth there lived several members of the genus of people. The most numerous of them were our ancestors Homo sapiens and the Neanderthals. To live on the same planet several types of bipedal creatures, able to produce weapons, to warm food and hunt, it was extremely difficult. Scientists believe that between the two types once the war broke out for food and Neanderthals, because of their relative lack of it, lost in her defeat and died. However, some scientists believe that the cause of the extinction of the Neanderthals was suddenly formed the harsh climate to which they are unable to adapt. So which theory is correct? Finding the answer to this question has recently engaged in supercomputer.

Ancient times

The Neanderthals appeared about 400 thousand years ago and lived on the territory of modern Eurasia. They had broad shoulders, were hunters, ate meat and plants, and their life expectancy was only 20 years old. While they were trying to survive in a harsh world, from Africa to the territory of Eurasia moved the representatives of Homo sapiens — those Homo sapiens, which we treat with you. And then started the confrontation with a length of about one million years, associated with a lack of territory and food.

Even if the theory of scientists about the extermination of the Neanderthals our ancestors is true, then they killed them not only with weapons and other forms of violence. The first representatives of Homo Sapiens could simply not leave the Neanderthals places to live and sources of food. Most likely, broad-shouldered men and women died because of a totality of actions taken by the "sapiens".

some look so Homo Sapiens against the background of the Neanderthals

Threat of climate change

But do not forget about the existence of the second theory about the extinction of the Neanderthals. At that time, when he killed the last representatives of the Neanderthals, the planet has been abrupt climate change. Perhaps they are unable to adapt to cold conditions and moved from one place to another until, not yet extinct.

In the cold Neanderthals had a hard time

the Cause of death of the Neanderthals

Which of these theories is closer to the truth, scientists still unknown. To somehow shed light on this mystery, Explorer Axel Timmerman (Axel Timmermann) to use the supercomputer. He uploaded his memory information about climate change the time of the Neanderthals, as well as information about their movements and contacts with representatives of other types of people.

Timmerman used a computer simulation, because in it he could see what would have happened to the Neanderthals, if one of the alleged reasons for their extinction did not exist. The food managed to look at the fate of the Neanderthals without the invasion of Homo sapiens on their territory, but with a cold climate. Then he looked at what would have happened with the Neandertals, if the invasion still occurred, but the climate would remain familiar. Comparing the two results, he identified the most probable cause of their death.

Red shows the population density of Neanderthals and green — Homo sapiens,

The Comparison showed that the society of the Neanderthals to a greater extent, was destroyed "sapiens", and not climate change. This is not surprising, because the Neanderthals lived for hundreds of thousands of years, and sometimes nature has afflicted them, the more intense cold than in the time their disappearance. They are actively produced and used fire and were experienced hunters, therefore, the harsh climate could hardly destroy every last one of them.

With all this computer model showed that Homo sapiens hunted and collected plants are much more active than the Neanderthals. They literally emptied of food resources, developed and bred to eventually just to get rid of competitors. So, we can assume that our species is really responsible for the disappearance of the Neanderthals.

Homo sapiens — the more experienced hunters than the Neanderthals

As hard As this is to admit it, we continue to destroy other species. In the red book, which contains the names of endangered or already extinct animals and plants already listed thousands of species extinction. And the reasons are many, ranging from produced plants and car emissions and ending the hunt.

In 2020, with the face of the planet because of the person is completely gone the fish, referred to as the Chinese vislonosy (Psephurus gladius). They were notable for the fact that lived exclusively in the waters of China's Yangtze river and was considered the largestfresh-water fish. About the exact reasons for their extinction can be read — there is all information about their size and characteristics.

the Neanderthals could have died at the hands of our ancestors


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