As Smoking electronic cigarettes affect your teeth?


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As Smoking electronic cigarettes affect your teeth?

Abandoning conventional cigarettes, many people first moving to digital alternatives, considering that they are virtually harmless and not threatening to health. However, over the last few years a number of scholars have put this statement into question: they found that even contains the nicotine in electronic cigarettes without nicotine. And that's not all – many samples of electronic cigarettes were detected toxic chemicals, such as nitrosamine that can cause cancer. But it is "invisible" effects of Smoking electronic cigarettes — how about "visible", for example, deterioration of the teeth, which inevitably occurs when Smoking conventional cigarettes?

To find out, scientists at the Department of Periodontology from Ohio State University , during which he observed the condition of the oral cavity of people with various experience of Smoking. In the end, they found signs of severe periodontitis in healthy subjects who smoked e-cigarettes. According to their conclusion, this is due to the reaction of glycerol and propylene glycol — substances which enter into the composition of fluids for electronic cigarettes. They form a film around the gums, leading to inflammation of the teeth.

the Harm of electronic cigarettes

Scientists found that individuals who frequently use electronic cigarettes are very similar microbiological composition of the gums of the front teeth. They then compared it with that in non-smokers and those who smoke at least 10 conventional cigarettes / day for 5 years. Compared to microbiologically composition gums healthy and people Smoking cigarettes, users of e-cigarettes discovered more pathogenic bacteria. The researchers came to the conclusion that the smoke from electronic cigarettes completely different effect on the mucous membranes of the mouth of man, though not the best way.

Those who smoke regular cigarettes, too was diagnosed with inflammation of the mucous membrane, however, in their case inflammatory processes occur at the expense of other bacteria. In the case of electronic cigarettes all is as follows: within one day after using cigarettes a biofilm produced by the bacteria is constantly increasing due to the presence in the liquid of glycerol and propylene glycol which are the food for pathogenic bacteria. The latter, in turn, lead to the development of gingivitis (gum inflammation) and periodontal disease (inflammation of the tissues around the tooth). Therefore, even in healthy people who use electronic cigarettes, there may be signs of these diseases.

Biofilm on the gums non-smokers (Control) and smokers beznikotinovye mixture (0 mg) and nicotinic compound (6 mg). In the case of electronic cigarettes they

Beznikotinovye liquid for electronic cigarettes

Does the harm of electronic cigarettes nicotine, which is contained in most liquids? The researchers tested the effect of nicotine on inflammatory processes of the teeth and gums and came to a disappointing conclusion. It turned out that beznikotinovye mixture have even more devastating effects on the teeth of a smoker: they contribute to the growth of microbial biofilms and lead to the formation of bacteria, which are responsible for pathological processes.

But this does not mean that we should abandon beznikotinovye mixtures in favor of nicotine. the blend-Nicotine for electronic cigarettes, with a pleasant and strong smell, may contain diacetyl. This chemical compound used primarily as a substitute for of flavor, is the reason for the development of obliterative bronchiolitis, is known as the "popcornia lung disease". Severe respiratory disease leads to a buildup of respiratory and heart failure. "Popcornhour lung disease" is accompanied by shortness of breath, cough (usually dry), weakness, fatigue, and change in the shape of the fingers (thickening due to bone growths).

In addition, the vapor, as tobacco smoke weakens the protective forces of our organism, which increases the risk of developing internal infections. Bacteria become more aggressive and harder to kill. It inhibits the ability of our own cells to attack and kill pathogens dangerous diseases. It's hard to believe, but steam can be much more harmful than cigarette smoke. Those who still consider it a lesser evil, wrong.

how dangerous VAPI

Wapi still poorly studied by scientists.

Last year in the United States were recorded among the smokers of electronic cigarettes on the territory of the United States of America. In the future, the Center for control and prevention of diseases (CDC) have established the cause of the mysterious disease.

These studies do not mean that you need to throw away all e-cigarettes and go to normal. These cigarettes cause no less harm to the body and lead to diseases of the cardiovascular system, brain . If just about harm tohealth from Smoking regular cigarettes to doctors and scientists all thoroughly aware that Smoking electronic cigarettes is not fully understood, so from time to time new facts emerge.

I Think it's time to completely give up Smoking.


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