Sports a mask is dangerous for health


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Sports a mask is dangerous for health

masked even walk hard, what about sports?

Virtually the entire world for several months was forced to stay at home because of the pandemic, COVID-19. By the summer most of the restrictions were removed and now go out on the street, but in public places must wear protective masks and gloves. In some regions of Russia are already preparing for the opening of the gyms, on the basis of which the question arises — is it possible to wear a mask during exercise? This question, at least asked one of the manufacturers of equipment for the sport of fencing with swords. As it turned out, physical exercise with wearing face masks can harm human health.

Sport during coronavirus

At this point no one group of scientists didn't check what damage can cause the body sports a medical mask. And the impact on health clearly has to be, because during physical activity the breathing is frequent and deep. There is a paradox: when an intense breath of the probability increases, but if you wear a mask for light is a big load. If you think logically, then gym wear masks necessary — but wouldn't that give the body even greater harm?

All we are not the first day I go in medical masks, so we know how stuffy it becomes in their possession. Especially strongly the lack of fresh air exasperated with the onset of the hot summer. But some people are forced to unload the goods and to perform other heavy work, with difficulty breathing through the adjoining faces of the mask. In some schools children are forced to wear masks in physical education lessons — it is reported that due to the lack of air during sports in China have died already two children. This was recently written , but the exact cause of death of children have not been established, because the doctors did not conduct the autopsy.

May exercise in disguise can lead to death

If you delve into the subject, the danger of medical masks that them, a person inhales air that just came out of the lungs. This air contains a lot of carbon dioxide — in the 1960s, Soviet scientists have found that its inhalation may affect the blood circulation and the electrical activity of the brain. This means that a person can feel weakness and . As mentioned above, when doing sports people breathing more and more deeply, thereby inhaling more carbon dioxide. It turns out that exercise in the masks still harmful.

The Danger of medical masks during physical activity also consists in the fact that a person gets less oxygen. To lift weights and run around in masks is the same as play sports on the top of a high mountain. And the mountains, among other things, it may be so-called altitude sickness. This condition is a consequence of oxygen starvation and is characterized by severe headache, dizziness, shortness of breath and General weakness of the body.

Hard sports

To find out how much physical activity in a mask similar to playing sports at high altitude, the representatives of the manufacturer of uniforms for fencing, conducted an experiment. Ispytatelniy to wear the device for measuring the concentration of inhaled and exhaled gases. She then 3 minutes running on the treadmill at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour. Since the study was conducted by the supplier of uniforms for the fencers, she's wearing the suit and helmet. In the first stage, she wore a protective mask under the helmet, and the second — no.

Ispytatelniy with the apparatus for measuring the concentration of inhaled and exhaled gases

The Concentration of oxygen in air at sea level is about 21%. When running a fencing suit without a medical mask she breathed in air of 19.5% oxygen concentration. With a stretched face with a mask, she began to breathe air 17% oxygen concentration. According to researchers, the inhalation of such air may cause symptoms similar to the symptoms of altitude sickness.

In a word, to exercise in a medical mask in some cases can be very harmful. At the moment, researchers have shown the damage only on the example of fencing, and how things are going with other sports, is not clear. Sports community clearly needs to do more research, because if the competitions are held in the masks, the participants could not be good. But proposals to conduct football matches and other events already there.


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