These 10 cards will put your world upside the head


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These 10 cards will put your world upside the head

I Think the true only one card?

When the card in 90% of cases represent either a silhouette, or overall outline of a world map, but these maps are uninteresting — you remember them well. What happens if you map the unusual statistics and used her for experiments? The result will surprise you! So many clichés are sitting in our subconscious that we have forgotten how amazing and diverse world. Today with the help of maps you will learn how Antarctica looks without ice, how many people in the world have access to the Internet in some countries, there is no McDonald's and more.

Pangea present day

it would look like the outlines of countries are now

Long before the tectonic plates has accepted the position to which we have long been accustomed, there was swishcontent Pangaea. It was so long ago, but scientists came up with the idea to project the present land of the ancient swishcontent. And the result was fascinating: the Antarctic, for example, attached to Australia, India and South Africa — direct, as in Pushkin «fire and ice».

a Melted Antarctic

All covered with greenery, absolutely all of it…

While Antarctica really enjoy like you would the southern continent, if it disappeared, the snow and ice. What do you know about Antarctica, except that it is cold and penguins live?

In fact, at 2.5-5 km of ice is a continent which is 60% submerged, there is a real mountain chain, volcanoes, and crater with a diameter of 490 km, and the highest part — the mountain Vinson commensurate Elbrus.

is There any place in the world without McDonald's? There!

Green on the map indicates countries where there is no McDonald's

So, where is no known fast food? It is not in Guyana, almost throughout Africa, Madagascar, Iceland, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, North Korea and Papua New Guinea.

It is known that fast food women, so don't even know whether or not so lucky countries without McDonald's?

Map of the solar Eclipse

What is this strange place?

An Unusual experiment conducted by Google. This black stripe — is the number of search queries on the subject of solar Eclipse. What? Quite simply, there has been a reversed logic. When we saw a solar Eclipse, the number of requests significantly increased, therefore, the black stripe almost exactly the same as the trajectory of a solar Eclipse.

How many people use the Internet

How many people actually have Internet connection?

When it comes that we live in 21st century, we overly idealize things. The reality can be somewhat different. The Internet emerged almost 30 years ago and so rapidly entered our daily life that it seems as if it is absolutely everyone, but really only 46% of the population Land have access to the Internet. In Russia, for example, only 72% of people have access to the Internet. Assuming that the population of Russia is about 144.5 million people, minus the 28% means that 40.5 million people on life offline.

Interestingly, the Gmail service has about 5 billion active accounts. When you consider that the world population of 7.76 billion people, and the Internet is only at 46%, it turns out that people with Internet in the world order of 3.57 billion people, and accounts 5 billion Question, where else 1.43 billion accounts? It is clear that there is work and personal accounts, but only accounts — real people the web is much less than it seems.

Where most cattle?

the Number of cattle


  1. India
  2. the
  3. Brazil
  4. the
  5. China
  6. the
  7. United States

But Russia occupies the 7th place that I was, frankly, surprised. Cattle, for me, takes a lot of space, and with the breadth of the Russian territories felt that we should be among the leaders, no.

Where most robots?

the Total number of robots

Unfortunately, Russia in this top is not included, but I think I have revealed the secret of Japan. Apparently, in Japan, living robots, not people, so they are productive! But seriously, this map can be seen to the country's technological development. If you are a young specialist in the field of robotics, then you should visit Japan, South Korea, USA and Germany, and if you are already a guru robotics, you can try your luck in Canada, UK, India, and Brazil — here the issue is gaining momentum and requires an experienced Pro from the outside.

plug Map of the world

Countless plugs

It would Seem that such a simple thing as «plug» the cord must be uniform around the world, but different standards around the worlddictate different terms for electronics manufacturers. Thus, in the world there are 9 basic types of plugs. Remember their differences when they go savage on vacation.

Map of the flight path of aircraft

illustration of airplane flights

Similarly, search queries in Google, you can look at the picture of the airplane flights. Get interesting independent statistics. Dark places on the map — places of lower activity, and the territory battle dejsvie. Therefore, if doubt there was any fighting on this or that territory, look at the picture of the flights — he will not lie.

Where to use more nuclear power?

White dots — high use of nuclear power.

Ahead of the rest on the use of atomic energy — France. There are 58 nuclear power plants cover 70% of the energy consumption of the country, producing a total of 63.1 GW. For comparison, in Russia 35 reactors with a total output of — of 27.9 GW.

Statistics and facts can be very interesting and exciting, if they are correctly and beautifully presented, but more importantly, it is not. Most importantly, pure information with no insights allows you to receive data from the source. What card surprised you the most?


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