From the harmful effects of people can save half of the Earth


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From the harmful effects of people can save half of the Earth

Our planet has long been in danger, but you can save

Over the years of its existence, we have built on the planet a huge number of cities that are connected by long roads. Between them are various farms and fields in which livestock and crops are grown. No matter how hard it is to realize, by building all of this on our planet, we have destroyed almost the whole half. Crowded factories and vehicles pollute the city air, and the farms and fields are used chemical substances against insects and other pests, which also harm the environment. Fortunately, we haven't reached tipping point — American scientists believe that humanity has not managed to hurt 50% of the planet. This part can still be saved, and the damaged areas it is possible to recover.

Ground Condition

Encouraging news was published in science . In scientific work the scientists studied four sets of geospatial data and found that from 48 to 56% of the surface of our planet free from the harmful effects of people. There is only one caveat — for the most part, remain intact "wild" areas, in which many of us wouldn't want to meddle. We are talking about mountain ranges, deserts and areas with permafrost. Perhaps mankind would be ruined and the territory, but they are difficult to live due to extremely high or low temperatures, and also due to the features of the landscape.

Research has explained this phenomenon as follows. In the entire history of its existence, people adjust to the land that gave the light the ability to meet basic needs. We are talking about the need for safe housing, available water suitable for growing plants, earth and so on. With all this, mankind ignored the hot deserts and frozen wastelands that are unable to provide anything useful.

Purple color shows touched a man of the area, and the green untouched

An Important discovery for scientists was that the world still have the untouched meadows and forests. Their share is only 1% and that's a clear sign that humanity's time to get serious about the protection of pristine areas. According to the researchers, currently under protection, only 15% of land: reserves, parks and so on. And all other regions are still open for people in the future on their sites also may occur and any other objects that harm the environment.

Based on the above, the researchers propose humanity to focus on two things. First, it is important to take custody of all the places on the map marked in green. You must make sure that these territories were not allowed the pollution of air, land and water — nature should be carefully protected. Secondly, it is necessary to rebuild the places in which built cities, farms, and agricultural fields. For this, at least, it is important to develop chemicals that do not harm the environment.

Causes of disease

According to the researcher and geographic information systems Andrew Jacobson (Andrew Jacobson), if people will have less negative impact on nature, the risk of such diseases as COVID-19, will be significantly reduced. It is believed that the coronavirus is transmitted person — it is logical to assume that if people will be less likely to invade wild areas and especially catch and trade animals, the more problems you will avoid humanity.

According to study author Jason Riggio (Riggio Jason), humanity has a great chance to keep intact at least half of the Earth. The sooner steps will be taken for the protection of the undamaged regions and restore damaged, the greater the likelihood that our planet will have a good future. It is important to note that the restoration you need to pay special attention — the better we will cope with the greenhouse effect, the greater the likelihood that the temperature of the planet will cease to rise. But if it is , untouched plots of Land will be damaged, how could we not protect them.


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