Bubonic plague is the most deadly infection in history?


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Bubonic plague is the most deadly infection in history?

In 2019, the researchers that first hearth of the medieval pandemic of the plague originated in the territory of modern Tatarstan

Since the plague inspires people to panic. «Black death», as they called it in ancient times only in one of the VI century killed 100 million people – just think about these numbers. Some States, such as the Byzantine Empire, is almost empty: from 1346 to 1351, the great plague claimed the lives of at least 24 million people in Europe. At that time a city with thousands of people affected by the pandemic, leaving from five to ten survivors. The deadly plague was the basis of such works as «the Decameron» Giovanni Boccaccio, «the Feast in time of plague» Alexander Pushkin, the story of Edgar Allan PoE «King Plague» and the novel of albert Camus «Plague». It seemed that in the XX and XXI century, the disease almost disappeared, but is it?

What is plague?

Despite the fact that one of the most deadly diseases in the history of mankind is easily treated with antibiotics, this potentially fatal disease is still among us. The fact that the plague pathogen is a bacterium called Yersinia pestis, the natural owners of which are fleas, parasites in some rodents. Bubonic plague is the most common form of the disease, which can become infected people. The name of the disease was due to the specific symptoms – the painful, swollen lymph nodes or «buboes» in the groin or axilla.

The First symptoms appear between two and six days after infection. Along with enlarged lymph nodes, the size of which can reach the size of chicken eggs, other symptoms include fever, chills, headache, muscle pain and fatigue. Plague can infect the lungs, causing coughing, chest pain and shortness of breath. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream and cause sepsis, which can lead to tissue damage, organ failure and death. But how and where do you get plague?

In the stomach of fleas the plague bacterium feels great

to Catch the black death may be a result of:


    The Bite of infected fleas the

  • Touching infected animals such as rats and mice
  • Inhalation of infected respiratory droplets spread by infected people or animals the

  • domestic cats and dogs can become infected from flea bites or from eating infected rodents

Infection can also enter the body through a cut on the skin if a person comes into close contact with the blood of an infected animal. The body of a man who died after Contracting the plague, is a danger to others,especially for those who are preparing the body for burial.

the Outbreak of plague in China

Prompt treatment with antibiotics is vital for the patient, as if the plague is not treated, it can kill. Early diagnosis, including laboratory tests, can save lives. Speaking about this terrible disease, it is important to understand that from time to time the disease occurs in different planets. In recent years, outbreaks of the disease were observed in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Madagascar. Although the plague was the cause of widespread disease outbreaks in the Middle ages, the modern flash-thankfully, small. But this does not mean that we should not worry. About how reading the news about the end of the world affects health, read

According to CNN News, citing the state news Agency of China, Xinhua, authorities in the region Inner Mongolia has closed several tourist sites after a confirmed case of infection with bubonic plague. The outbreak occurred in Bannur located to the North-West of Beijing. Five nearby tourist spots are currently closed, and visitors «it is strictly forbidden to enter and visit a plague area. The cause of an outbreak of plague is considered to be a growing population of rodents and eating meat of woodchucks infected with the bacterium Yersinia pestis. At the time of writing, the patient is isolated and receiving treatment in the hospital. His condition doctors assessed as stable.

it looks like the border between Russia and Eastern Mongolia. And they say not to worry

As BBC News, experts say that the key to successful treatment is identifying at an early stage because patients can be isolated and treated, thus preventing the spread of infection. the Bubonic plague, although this may seem alarming, being another major infectious disease, treatable with antibiotics.


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