What is known about the outbreak of "unknown pneumonia" in Kazakhstan?


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What is known about the outbreak of

according to RIA Novosti, Kazakhstan is consulting with experts of the who pneumonia in the country

Yes, I also think that 2020 is too far, but news is news, and viruses are viruses. So, in early July, the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan warned of flash «unknown pneumonia» in the country. This happened after the authorities of Kazakhstan reported cases of pneumonia, was in June, which caused public concern. The fact that still remains unknown what kind of pneumonia is it more deadly than COVID-19 as is the situation with coronavirus in Kazakhstan. According to the Ministry of health of the country, cases of pneumonia in Kazakhstan in the first half of 2020 increased by 55.4% compared to the same period of 2019; the disease has claimed the lives of 1772, of which 628 died in June.

«Unspecified etiology»

In a statement the Ministry of health also that some of the reported cases are an ordinary pneumonia, but the cause of the infection in other patients is unclear. The representative of the Ministry also stated that it is «potentially fatal pneumonia» the doctors treat patients according to standard treatment for patients COVID-19.

While the pathogen «new pneumonia» unknown «the health departments of the country carried out a comparative study of virus pneumonia, but not yet identified him.» the Ministry of health of Kazakhstan has recognized the existence of «viral (species) pneumonia of unspecified etiology», however, the risk of outbreaks at first denied. In the future, the representatives of the Ministry explained that initially it was about the rising incidence of all types of pneumonia: bacterial, fungal and viral, including «uncertain etiology», according to the ICD–10 criteria, in accordance with which the coronavirus infection is diagnosed clinically or epidemiologically, but not confirmed by laboratory tests.

Disinfection streets in Kazakhstan. In March the who released the new ICD-10 codes for COVID-19, according to which U07.1 applies to the identified virus, and U07.2 not identified the virus, which includes clinically-epidemiologically diagnosed COVID-19, likely COVID-19 and estimated COVID-19.

Is «uncertain etiology» coronavirus?

Today Kazakhstan on 56 of 455 confirmed cases COVID-19, 254 of whom 254 died. Starting from the 8th of June, the number of daily confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country is continuously growing, and three-digit numbers, and by early July, daily recorded more than 1000 new cases. Respectively, has increased dramatically and the number of pneumonia.

Since mid-June in the Western regions of Atyrau and Aktobe regions and in the southern city of Shymkent there are significant spikes in the incidence of pneumonia. Approximately 28,000 of pneumonia patients with negative tests for coronavirus is currently hospitalized, about 98.9% of them are in a state of moderate severity. Whether re-infected with coronavirus and how it will affect the vaccine.

Head of the Department of health capital Nur-Sultan Kisikova Saule told Kazinform Agency that doctors reveal daily 600 people with symptoms of pneumonia, compared with 80 for the day before an outbreak of coronavirus infection. of Every day hospitalitynet from 350 to 400 patients with either COVID 19, or with pneumonia. According to a who statement, to ensure the quality of tests COVID-19 and not to confuse it with pneumonia on a background of growth in the number of registered cases in the country. Moreover, the experts who offer all new cases of pneumonia in Kazakhstan to diagnose as COVID-19, but remember that there may be other options.

One of possible reasons «unknown pneumonia» can be the emergence of a new strain COVID-19, but at the moment there is no reason to make such conclusions.

Although the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, causing COVID-19 was not detected in patients with pneumonia, the cause of which could not be confirmed at one hundred percent, pneumonia 99,999% caused by a coronavirus. It is highly likely that the so-called «unknown pneumonia» caused by a new coronavirus, and can be caused by a lack of diagnostic capabilities.

Zhang Wenjun, Shanghai infectious disease expert.

Wanchun also noted that the most urgent task for the government of Kazakhstan is currently increasing the capabilities of testing for the new coronavirus and the use of advanced sequencing and other technologies to identify the causative agent of pneumonia of unknown etymology. You need to find out the causative agent of pneumonia, so the scientists there is still a lot of work. What do you think, is it really in Kazakhstan appeared new, deadly pneumonia, or an aggressive strain COVID-19? Share your answerin the comments to this article and join the discussion on this and other topics


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