How does the robot vacuum of the future?


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How does the robot vacuum of the future?

Gadgets are so abruptly burst into daily life that many things we no longer do it yourself: products are brought to the house, the taxi arrives at the touch of a button, and with the new automotive technology is even hands on the steering wheel can not hold. And . No exception, and household chores — to traditional cleaning are often treated as remnants of the past. The robot vacuum cleaner can clean home, while you are not there, but the choice of this assistant is not always an easy task. Not only that, it will just connect to Wi-Fi in the first place, the cleaner must be powerful.

And most reliable solution here would be to contact the device company, which specializiruetsya only in the production of vacuum cleaners and other gadgets for house cleaning. Such brands applies ECOVACS ROBOTICS: with experience in the development and research in this industry for more than 20 years the company develops robots that help intelligently organize life and enjoy your free time. One of her most popular robotic vacuum cleaners . This is a hybrid cleaner that is capable on dry and wet cleaning, but due to the small size and it can get even in hard to reach places.

In his new vacuum cleaner ECOVACS brought the power up to a maximum figure in the line (1500 PA), and worked on the battery capacity, increasing it up to 5200 mAh. This little guy during the week spent cleaning our office — and we are ready to share their experiences.


The Robot vacuum cleaner comes in a nice large cardboard box with a close-up shows the device and the main technical characteristics.

see Immediately what you're dealing with

Support voice assistants can not but rejoice.

The package is so great that I think I first found something to complain about. Here and 4 side brushes and 2 HEPA filters, microfiber cloth for dry and wet cleaning, 2 attachments (turbo brush and suction element), neat brush to clean the dust box and a good manual that really be necessary — the management is quite clear and intuitive.

This is only part of the package

Spare parts as that of buying new you can not think

Yes, I have the car manual was less!

Where's the remote, you ask? But it is not! To control the vacuum and change its settings in the app ECOVACS HOME that is . Indeed, why produce these consoles, if you can use for such purposes the phone? The more mobile application is not only simple, but also intelligent — more on that later.

All controls are via the mobile app

Design DEEBOT OZMO 950

The vacuum Cleaner has a traditional round shape for devices of its segment. Over the lid flaunts a laser sensor, with which the robot analyzes the space builds a map of the room and crashes into everything. Despite the fact that the case is made of plastic, looks very premium — such attention to detail I have not seen among robots vacuum cleaners.

vacuum cleaner Looks very modern.

For Example, lidar is shifted forward enough to carefully open the housing cover. And there already and a compartment with a dust bag on / off switch and button to reload. All in one place and is very logical: on one of my robot vacuum cleaners the power button was on the side (and what the developers were thinking?), so the cleaner at work all the time and brushed her off.

Lidar placed closer to the front

Almost all of the buttons located under the cover

Near the lidar left only button — it is used to start the automatic cleaning. Placed soft front bumper with built-in sensors in the event of contact with obstacles rear — the module for wet cleaning with water tank and bracket for microfiber.

from Behind, you can quickly remove the water container

Microfiber attaches in seconds

If you look "under the hood" of this device, there is not less interesting. 6 sensors fall along the perimeter of the wheel with silicone protector, two brushes, compact microfiber swivel castor, contacts for recharging and suction channel. There are V-shaped floating turbo brush suspension which allows you to clean even the joints in the floor to a depth of 4 mm. It can be replaced on the nozzle straight suction, which facilitates the collection of wool and hair.

All items for cleaning are placed at the bottom

How do we remove DEEBOT OZMO 950

The Robot cleaner can work in three modes — clear the selected zones, and automatic cleaning of the specified area. Cleaning is implemented in four stages: first, brush the sides sweep away the debris to the turbo brush, it sucks up all the dirt, including gets out of the fibers of the carpet crumbs, sand and wool. Debris sucked by the turbine in the bag, and completes the stage, a damp microfiber, which erases from the floor the dust that might remain.

By default, the device operates in automatic mode. The robot itself determines the trajectory ofmoves and selects paths of travel depending on the card room. The regime can be changed, as to increase the suction power (to activate the turbo mode) — all configuration is performed .

the Cleaner is configured in the mobile app

Features in your app, really a lot. For example, there is a function to set the border of the working area for both dry and for wet cleaning. Or you can draw the vacuum area to be cleaned and it will start work. Not to mention the clean-up planning by days of the week — on Friday, I left the office and left the vacuum out for the weekend.

you Can set the timer cleaning or the specific area

In addition, the application can increase or decrease the abundant supply of water on a napkin (or even disable wet cleaning), view statistics or to determine areas where the robot needs to get out hard — for example, in the kitchen. A nice bonus was the management of the cleaner using the Google Assistant (there's even the Alexa). By the way, the robot also speaks multiple languages, including Russian.

Settings a lot — from the adjustment of the water flow to capacity

The dust Container needs to be cleaned once in 3 days — depending on how dirty the room is. I soon moved on to shift every 5 days because when the vacuum cleaner is constantly cleaned, dirt and dust becomes considerably less, it accumulates much more slowly.

All the parts very easily and quickly replaced

the dust Container initially have to change often.


As the robot cleaner detects an obstacle?

Many people ask this question. In this case, the robot has a navigation system that focuses on the provision of 3 types of sensors: laser sensors from collisions and falls. Actually, just like the robot and maps, including the layout of the room, furniture, obstacles, couches, cat and so on. Our last vacuum cleaner was constantly stuck under the sofa, although there passed quietly in size — the system started to panic, and the robot lost in space.

the Cleaner builds a map of the room and focused on the sensor

Here, the cleaner can go under most beds and sofas due to advanced sensors, it is also possible for the cleaner to pass through the threshold height of 2 cm For bathroom are very useful.

so Much dust the vacuum cleaner has collected just half an hour of cleaning

Filters can be cleaned with a brush included

designed for cleaning large areas in a single cycle of cleaning, this cleaner placed the battery at 5200 mAh. Battery of such capacity allows non-stop to vacuum the room during 200 minutes. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner has a built-in memory where it can store maps of multiple floors and rooms.

Should you buy the robot vacuum cleaner

During testing of this device I hardly found it has drawbacks. Unless the price of 45 thousand rubles, but this vacuum is worth the money. All well here — and suction power, and quality cleaning, and assembling. I previously had three of the robot cleaner, including from major manufacturers, but none of them made such an impression. Yeah, he's not kidding about the "leather Fuckers", but cleaned very well and looks stylish.

The vacuum Cleaner is very easy to maintain and can efficiently clean up the room while you are not home, and coming home from work, you will have to walk on the clean floor. And most importantly — the manufacturer has provided everything to ensure that you do not have to order accessories for quite a long time; in the present situation it is especially important.

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