How does CHP


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How does CHP

Such landscapes look very big.

As its development, mankind consumes more energy. About 50 years ago, electricity is needed mainly for operation of refrigerator, TV and light bulbs. Let now they began to consume much less and the bulbs and even replaced the LEDs, but that doesn't mean that we won energy shortage. We had a lot of other consumers. Smartphones, computers, tablets, game consoles, finally, electric cars... All of these not only requires energy but also suggests to us that it should become more and more. Its growth should go almost exponentially. Who is going to give us this energy? Have options.

What are the sources of energy

Sources of energy, there are many. Most interesting, perhaps, are the sun and the wind. Like nothing happens and the electricity is generated. The most technologically advanced ways of getting — this is without a doubt and that is still under construction and soon to speak of their industrial launch.

There are more extravagant methods of producing energy. For example, earlier. There are even stations that produce energy from tides. Too kind, but sometimes effective way.

The Combination of the above technologies allows us to deliver an energy source almost anywhere in the world. If anything, it can even be customized , which will provide energy to a small town on 60-100 thousand inhabitants.

the world's First floating nuclear power plant «Akademik Lomonosov».

It's all good, but there are more proven methods of obtaining energy, which require little cost, but they need a lot of fuel and they are not very sustainable. To generate electricity they use fossil fuels, which, among other things, may result in, but is it enough.

The TPP differs from TPP

First you have to understand with wording. Many don't understand what TPP is different from the TPP, and why often one and the same object is called by both these abbreviations.

In fact, it's really about the same thing. Combined heat and power (CHP) is a type of thermal power plant (TPP). In contrast to the second, first generates not only electricity, but also heat for heating of nearby houses.

CHP is more versatile, but when heating in the houses everything is fine, build a simple TES, but often they can be converted to CHP by construction of a pair of complementary blocks and laying infrastructure pipes.

How does a thermal power plant

Based thermal power plants are a couple properties that it possesses. Water, converted into steam, carries a large amount of energy. This energy is directed to rotation of the turbine, which should produce electricity.

Typically, in thermal power plants the fuel is coal. The choice of this fuel is very logical, after all the coal on our planet is still very, very much. Unlike oil and gas, which is enough, but the looming prospect of the depletion of their reserves.

Kaliningradskaya TPP.

I said Above that 60 percent resulting in the world of energy is produced by thermal power plants. If we talk about plants that run on coal, their share reaches about 25 percent. This once again confirms that we have a lot of coal.

To the station in advance is pulverized. This could be done within the station complex, but it's easier to do it somewhere else.

Can I get

Crushed coal gets to the station at the initial stage of energy production. By burning it heats the boiler, in which water falls. The boiler temperature can vary, but it the main objective is maximum heating steam. Myself steam is obtained from water, which is sent to the station.

When water is heated in boiler, it is in the form of steam gets to the block generator, where under high pressure spins the turbine. These turbines and produce energy.

look like the working principle of thermal power plants.

It would Seem that this must be ended, ”fill” in the boilers of the new coal and to pour water, but not so simple. At the stage of the turbine have lost their strength and the cooled vapor has two options. First — in a circular reuse system, the second — in the heating line. To heat water for heating separately no sense. Much easier to take it away after she took part in the production of electricity. So much more efficient.

Cooled by water entering the cooling tower, where it is cooled and cleaned of sulfur impurities and other substances with which it was filled. Cooling may seem counterintuitive, because it is reused water, and it still needs to be re-heated, but the cooling is technologically justified, because some equipment just can't work with hot water.

the Principle of operation of cooling towers.

After that, the water or passes through the preheater system, or is fed directly into the boilers. Looks like the scheme of thermal power plant. There are, of course, subtleties like tanks, clarifiers, channels, coils and other equipment, but it varies from station to station and stop on it in detail is not necessary. Such equipment does not affect the principle of operation of the power plant, which I have described.

it looks like the turbine, when it is open and it is under maintenance.

There are other power plants that operate on oil, gas and other types of extracted from the bowels of the planet , but they all work about the same — the hot steam turns the turbine, and the fuel used to get this pair.

the Most powerful power plant in the world

The story of the principle of HPSs would not be complete without mention of the records. We all love so much, right?

The Most powerful thermal power plant in the world is the Chinese thermal power plant, dubbed Tuoketuo. Its capacity is 6,600 MW and it consists of five similar power units. In order to accommodate all this, it was necessary to allocate a square size of 2.5 square kilometers.

CHP Tuoketuo.

If the digit 6 to 600 MW is not what you said, it is more powerful than Zaporozhye (Ukraine). All in all, if you include Tuoketuo in the ranking of the most powerful nuclear power plants (forgetting that it heat), it will take the third place. That kind of power.

After Tuoketuo in the ranking of the most powerful thermal power stations is Taichung thermal power plant in China (5 824 MW). Third through fifth places were located Surgutskaya GRES-2 (5 597 MW) Belchatow power station in Poland (5 354 MW) and CCGTs Futtsu Power Plant in Japan (5 040 MW).

When the first thermal power plant

The Energy of steam began to be used for a long time. Some locomotives and steam boilers was worth. By the way, the steam locomotives it is a key element. In fact, it's just a big pot in which water boils and produces steam to operate a piston mechanism.

Pairs you can create at home, but for CHP it is thousands of times more powerful.

The world's First thermal power plant was built in 1882 in new York. Place for her to be found on pearl Street (Manhattan). A year later appeared the first in Russia to such a station. It was built in St. Petersburg.

Since then, they have grown like mushrooms after rain. The relative simplicity and economy of such structures produce a lot of energy. Let it not so environmentally friendly as solar or wind, but CHP will exist as long as will not burn the last ton of coal. I hope this time it will be a worthy alternative, but so far not so much.


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