SpaceX, move over: why the UAE would want to fly to Mars?


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SpaceX, move over: why the UAE would want to fly to Mars?

the Launch was held in Japan

Many are already used to that when it comes to space missions, basically we are talking about Roscosmos (Russia) or NASA and Space X (USA). A few years ago in this race entered China, which has announced ambitious plans to build its own space station (due to strained relations with the United States, this country can send astronauts to the ISS). However, on 20 July 2020 (beautiful date), it seems that there is another space "player" from the Earth to the UAE. To the surprise of many, the United Arab Emirates first launched the aircraft on another planet. And not somewhere, and on Mars!

The Probe with the speaker called Hope ("hope", "Hope") was the first spacecraft of the country, running to another planet. Japanese rocket H-IIA launch was carried out from Japan. It's not a manned mission, it can help the UAE are planning to start their own research on the orbit of Mars.

the First flight of UAE to Mars

The Budget of the project amounted to $ 200 million, for the development and construction of the probe took about 6 years. In this case, despite the fact that the spacecraft launched to space by Japanese rocket himself the probe was built by engineers UAE in collaboration with the University of Colorado at boulder, Arizona state University, the University of California, Berkeley and beyond. This helped the scientists to use existing solutions and to learn from the invaluable experience from the American designers of spacecrafts.

In the development of the unit was helped by engineers from United States

The Launch was specifically planned for the summer of 2020 — the UAE authorities want to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the country in December 2021 probe has reached Mars. Due to the fact that engineers were able to catch and get in a short window of convergence of Mars and Earth orbiting the Sun (this happens once in 26 months), the flight will take minimum 7 months.

As the authors of the mission, the flight is not the most difficult part of space travel. To reach Mars orbit, the probe will have to reduce the speed almost 7 times to 18 000 km/h — signal delay does not allow to manage the process remotely. Periodically UAE plan to correct the course of the aircraft to avoid collision with asteroids and space debris.

So the probe will look at the orbit of Mars

It is Noteworthy that this is the first flight of the country on another planet, the UAE is not a previously launched space probes to moon. The maximum withdrawal of the spacecraft into orbit of the Earth. Here, such a serious step, a flight to Mars. but Not too big?

How people will survive on Mars

Given the financial possibilities of UAE, many did not understand why the country still did not take part in the space race. Someone says that it's more image story (like, to say "we launched the machine on Mars") was dedicated to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the country.

But in fact, the UAE approach to the exploration of new planets is quite responsibly. A couple of years ago the authorities for simulation, as is possible on Earth, the conditions of the Martian environment and the life in it.

The New municipality will be called "the Mars science city" and will be part of a long-term plan, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum and Space center of the Emirates on the implementation of the ambitious Mars mission for establishment of human colonies on the red planet by 2117. According to the construction plan, the area will be 177, 000 square meters, which is approximately equal to, say, the same Sochi. Laboratories will try to find ways the closest simulation of the Mars environment, and will develop options that will allow under such circumstances to live long on this planet.

the Project «Mars on Earth» to simulate life on the red planet

And that there is in fact everywhere the desert is the perfect place to make a "mini Mars on Earth", isn't it?

Who was the first to send humans to Mars?

All of this suggests that the country does not intend to restrict ourselves only to the flight of the probe to orbit the red planet. In the future, most likely UAE will send a Rover to study the soil of Mars, and there to a manned mission in the neighborhood. It is certainly unlikely that they will catch up with Elon musk and SpaceX, but who knows? Recall, Musk promised to 2024. There is not much time. So far , this has allowed the U.S. to resume its own space program for the first time in 10 years.

This year other countries are also planning launches to Mars. For example, on 23 July, the China wants to send to Mars lander, Orbiter and Rover. Rover Perseverance from NASA will start a little later. Despite the pandemic and the consequent quarantine of a country trying to curtail their space experiments. Really soon we will have 4 space powers — Russia, USA, China and UAE?


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